From: Neil Nelson, Co-founder of
Help us give a new book to 100,000 kids
We are embarking on an exciting philanthropic venture—and we need your help.
Because of the important work you do on behalf of black children, we want to partner with you on
a vital new project that will benefit our young people. In January, we are launching a new
website,, that we hope will become a game-changer for black books and for
black children. The North Paran plan is simple: For every book purchased on the site, we will
donate a book to a child in need. The site’s slogan is Buy One, Give One. Our goal is to give
away 100,000 books to black children during Black History Month in February 2011; we would
like you to help us pick children in your community who will receive some of these books.
As you well know, in the life of a child there is nothing more powerful than a book. It has the
potential to free a child’s mind, to open up a world of possibilities. Incredibly, the mere presence
of books in the home can lead to greater academic achievement: researchers have determined
that a child who grows up in a home with at least 500 books will attain three more years of
education than a student with no books in the home. But for millions of children in the United
States and around the world, their access to age-appropriate books is limited or nonexistent.
North Paran’s mission is to change that.
Neil Nelson, the site’s co-founder, is driven by the memories of his childhood in Jamaica, when
his family only had five books in the house that he and his sister had to share. But Neil read
those five books over and over, until he had all the words memorized. Now he wants to change
this bleak picture for as many children as he can. After starting a vastly successful celebrity news
and video site that reached nearly 30 million unique visitors last year, Neil partnered with
husband-and-wife authors Nick Chiles and Denene Millner to create, a cutting-
edge site that will publicize black books and nourish black children. Chiles and Millner have
written or co-written 19 books between them—Millner is the co-author with Steve Harvey of the #1
New York Times bestseller “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” which was the top-selling
nonfiction book in the country in 2009, and the sequel “Straight Talk, No Chaser,” which has
already reached #1 on the New York Times list. Chiles co-authored with gospel legend Kirk
Franklin “The Blueprint,” which also was a New York Times bestseller last year. Millner and
Chiles are both also award-winning journalists and the parents of three children of their own.
We humbly ask that you help us with this important venture by doing the following:
Partner with us to identify children in your community who would benefit from a donation of new
Use email, facebook, twitter, text, blogs, etc  to share and our 100,000 book
campaign to as many friends, family and associates as you can.
Add a link to on your organization’s website and any other website that you have
access to.
Neil Nelson
Black Books
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Book Release
From Ignorance to
From Self Doubt to
Fearless Power.

By: Andre Lexima

From: The K.N.O.W.

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Analysis of President
Obama's election
victory and what it
means for all of us.
Contributions  by Marvin X, Ed
Bullins, James Early, Jubilee
Shine, Rich Quatrone, Kofi
Natambu, Pili Simanga, Langston
Hughes, Fernando Suarez del
Solar, Jamil Mangan, Union del
Barrio, Quincy Jones , Everett
Hoagland and new summation of
the election by Amiri Baraka,
"We Are Already In The
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Garvey's Voice
Get your copy
Ras Lazarus

The Awakening
of a
(True Hidden Universal God)
Order a Copy
the spoken
word from
his book
"ABABIO (He/She Who Has Returned)"

Purchase a signed copy from the Author who has been on the forefront of the
Movement to the African Continent for 20 years.  “Ababio”, is a Ghanaian
term  meaning “He/She who
was away and has returned”.“ABABIO”, and 21st Century Anthology of African
Diasporan returnees to Ghana and
their experiences.            

Seestah’ IMAHKÜS, repatriated from New York City to Ghana in 1990, with her
husband, Nana Okofo. She is the owner of “One Africa Health Resort &
Restaurant  in Iture - Elmina.  Author of “Returning Home Ain’t Easy But it
Sure Is A Blessing".
Brothers & Sisters:

The Twenty Dime is quickly
coming to a close, but we're all
working hard to represent and
shine. We are in the
last month of the year, and then
onward and upwards to the
upcoming new year. The new
phrase for the coming new year
Happy holidays, and seasons
greetings to you all. May the
holidays bring many blessings
your way, no matter your spiritual
faith. And now for the
updated list for the Schedule
of Events:

Local Author Expo
December 4, 2010
Birmingham, AL

Zora Neale Hurston Festival of
the Arts and Humanities
January 23-31, 2011
Eatonville, FL

Texas Literary Bowl
February 5, 2011
Fort Worth, TX

National Black Writers Conference
February 24-27, 2011
Brooklyn, NY

14th Annual Black Herstory
March 26, 2011
Atlanta, GA

If you have any additional events
that you would like us to add,
please send us an email, and we
will send out an updated
Schedule of Events. We are
continuing forward with our plans
to hold the Literary Arts Expo in
late 2011. In the meantime, feel
free to continue to visit the Fan
Page on Facebook. This is more
than just a one-time event...WE

Kevin Sabio
"Knowledge As Supreme"
Universal Africana Literary Arts
Movement & Expo
Introducing  a powerful thought provoking  
book – "
Nigger For Life", by Neal Hall, M.
D., Poet. The book’s gut wrenching clarity
provides a candid, no place to hide,
landscape for honest accounting and dialog
on race, racism, equality and freedom.

Cornel West, Ph.D., (Princeton University) said of Dr.
Hall and his book:

“ Dr. Hall is a warrior of the spirit, a warrior of the mind,
an activist, a poet … his poetry has the capacity to
change ordinary people’s philosophy on social and
racial issues ”.


To learn more about Dr. Hall and Nigger For Life,
we invite you to visit:
In this 34th Edition:
Insightful articles and facts about us,
dedicated to our known and unsung women.
Framework of The
Rastafari Government
Authored by Menelik
Bin-Adonie I
The Black-Print is an
framework for a future
Organization of
Rastafari Unity.
In this 35th Edition:
Insightful articles and facts about us, dedicated to
our known and unsung women.
Education & Art
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Dumisai and
The Convenant of
The Ancestors Book
Christopher Obie)

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