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Preech the Profit
Jordan Nichols
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Atlanta, Georgia
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Spoken Word artist, Hip-Hop Artist,
& Entrepreneur Preech The
Profits interest in words began in
elementary school when he would
read the dictionary as if it were a
book. As his knowledge for the
meanings & sounds of words grew,
he later reached a stage in
middle school where he found the
creativity in word play to be very
interesting. This new found
interest led him to the exploration
of his
abilities to arrange words in ways
that fit together as if they were a
finished puzzle. During this time,
he continued to write lyrics without
a purpose other than to explore
his imagination.
Preech began to take on poetry as
a way of life after working on
the verses for a song & feeling as
if the lyrics needed no
instrumental to be appealing,
because the lyrics alone carried
fluent tune of a professional song.
It was at this time that he really
began to notice just how talented
of a writer he was. This realization
brought him to an interest of
exploring his talents in spoken
He began to make YouTube
videos & advertise them on social
networking sites. This led to him
being offered the opportunity to
perform at a fashion show. Ever
since then, Preech has been
performing & featuring at over 30
different venues/locations in
areas such as Pensacola, FL, Fort
Walton Beach, FL, Jacksonville,
FL, Winter Park, FL, Mobile, AL,
Augusta, GA, Atlanta, GA, &
Houston, TX.
Preech is also the founder of a
collective of people that come
together under the campaign
name #ThePoetryMovement
(@TPMvmt) with a goal to
increase the overall audience of
word. He has also spent time as a
co-host of internet radio show
Sounds of Soul which aired on
WHER Heritage Radio
(www.myheritageradio.com) every
Friday & Saturday from
10pm-12am Central Time.
Shortly after his agreement with
Sounds of Soul, Preech eventually
became the Social Media
Coordinator for WHER Heritage
Preech is also the founder of a
movement with an organization of
people called Whats The News?, a
team of intellectual individuals
who have dedicated a great deal
of their time into introducing to the
world news that they feel their
audience will find useful in aiding
growth of the unity &
consciousness of the world.
I call myself PrEEch, because of
the political statements & poetic
spEEches that I make. I have also
made it my business to ensure
that a great deal of what I do is
geared towards the PROFIT of all
mankind, whether in the form of
inspiring people to become more of
an asset to society, volunteer
work, or in the form of a financial
donation. - Preech The Profit
Introducing Preech The Profit
The Preech part of Preech the Profit came after
he had taken the time to analyze his
performance methods & noticed that he almost
sounded like a preacher reciting a speech. The
Profit came from his desire to give back to
communities & be a profit to society in addition
to a pun with the word Prophet as a result of his
tendencies to philosophize his own perspectives
& idealistic nature.