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Baba Bey
The African God Father
Baba Soul Divine
Health and Wellness
National Blackmen's Health
Network Chairman
Atlanta, Georgia
CBPM's 981st Member


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Baba Soul Divine Health & Wellness
Quy-Yuim Baba Yoga Bey
The African God Father
-Wellness practitioner for over 40 years
-Outreach Coordinator for
National Black Men's Health Network
-Yoga/Tai-Chi/Qi-Gong Instructor
-Rites of Passage Speaker
-Everything Is In Divine Order
Baba Yoga Bey
Yoga Qi-Gong & Tai-Chi instructor, community
activist, conga drummer, and natural foods
specialist.  Baba “Yoga” Bey has always been
a trendsetter.

Re-Born Quy-Yuim Baba “Yoga” Bey, July 11,
1944, Harlem, New York is a highly respected by the
community and his peers. Baba has been a wellness
practitioner for over 40 years and an instructor for
more than 30 of those 40 years. An eccentric black
male, born in a non-traditional family facing worldly
stressors Baba sought after a place to find inner
peace. Divine Soul Wholistic healing, is that place!!

In 1999 Baba provided Yoga Qi-Gong and Tai-Chi classes
with a team of concern teachers from Atlanta. The team
spent six weeks at the Providence Baptist Church in Accra,
Ghana West Africa doing community outreach and
educational wellness. He is certified as a Qi-Gong instructor
of the Erie-Mei System of Tibet China. He is also a skilled
master drummer and performed in the 1996 Olympic
opening and closing ceremonies in Atlanta, GA. Baba is a
former yoga instructor and strength management instructor
with the Atlanta Clinic of Preventative Medicine under the
direction of Dr. William Richardson. On May 2, 2009, Baba
became a certified Tai-Chi instructor with the Arthritis
Foundation for America. He was a water dance instructor
and a water Tai-Chi instructor at Lou Walker Senior Adult
Center in Lithonia, GA. Furthermore, he is a wellness
outreach educator for the National Black Men’s Health
Network (NBMHN) in Atlanta, GA for over 20 years. On
January 16, 2009, Baba became Chairman of the Board for
the National Black Men’s Health Network.

Today, he continues to dedicate himself to carving out new
landmarks in holistic health and healing based on science
and ancient healing arts. With emphasis on The 21st
Century “State of the Arts” of wellness, herbs, vegetables,
and flower gardens. “GO GREEN!!”

September 1985 - June 1996 Dean of Florence
Jackson Academy
April 2008 - National Black Men’s Health Network
Awarded Fulton County Proclamation
April 2009 - National Black Men’s Health Network
Awarded Clayton County Proclamation
June 2009 - Spring Forest Qi-Gong Level I
January 2010 - Awarded Certificate of Achievement:
Association of Black Cardiologist
April 2010 - Co-Star in Play “IAM Kirikou” in Role
June 2010 - Spring Forest Qi-Gong Level II