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Congress of African
People (CAP)
Mwalimu Wesley Kabaila
Consultants - Principal
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Los Angeles, Calif. 90045
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Rationale and Purpose of Congress of African People

The Congress of African People is designed to
be/become a direct conduit and representative of the
interest and values of African people, globally.This
Pan African Congress shall be based in every region of
Africa and the Diaspora, will be constitutionally
based, and will be an agitator and advocate for the
full range and spectrum of issues affecting our Pan
African Community.Representatives, will first be
selected, based on their skill, political/social/cultural
consciousness, talents and/or commitment to achieving
full and final liberation for our people, everywhere. A
Constitutional Convention will be formulated for
2012, at which consensus will be formed to give
further direction to the Congress, with its Role,
Relevance and Responsibilities. Until then:

1. Each Region shall have at least 1-2 Representatives
responsible for conducting Congress business as designated
by Circle of Directors. The Chair shall articulate the
direction and programmatic emphasis, as determined by the
Circle of Directors.

2.The representatives shall serve at the pleasure of the
COD until elections are held in 2012, and shall function as
a Circle of Administrators who conduct CAP business in the
interim (each, on a probationary basis, with quarterly
review of performance and/or ethics, by the COD, and if
minimum criteria are not met, immediate termination
without review is an option)

3. Pursuant to CAP's role of harnessing the collective
resources in our Pan African Community, each Regional
representative will have the added responsibility of
identifying experts, craftspersons, artists, specialists in all
sectors of our Community, including Spirituality, Physical
and Mental Healers, New Education, Governance,
Infra-Structure Development, Environmental Affairs,
Energy, African Path to Industrialization, Agriculture and
Food Security, Transportation, Housing, Collective Concern,
Communications, Finance, Economic Development, Creative
Production and Cultural Propaganda, Family, Youth and
Child Growth and Development, Judicial Affairs,
Community Life and Affairs; Defense, Intelligence and
Security. These are at least a minimum.

4. Policy and Program options shall eminate from
representatives in each sector and must be applicable for
their specific Region. These kinds of consultations are
encouraged to be comprehensive in scope, and
multi-dimensional in character and content. Before arriving
at any policy position, all factors and consideration must be
weighed based on its significance and/or value towards
achieving stated and common goals, objectives and

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