African Market Place
Vending at the 55th Int'l Convention
Sponsored by the UNIA-ACL Global Government
UNIA-ACL District 5: GA, FL, SC
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Contact the Dr. Julius Nyerere/CBPM
UNIA-ACL Division 421: 678-827-2276
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T h a n k   Y o u   i n   A d v a n c e
55 International Convention of Global Government Coming To Georgia UNIA-ACL

Greetings, to all Africans, at home and aboard whom are all members of our UNIA-ACL Government. The Black
Government is coming to Georgia!  This is the first International Convention held in Georgia of the Universal
Negro Improvement Association- African Communities League (UNIA-ACL).

The UNIA-ACL Atlanta Division 421 is fundraising for the spectacular 55 International Convention of Global
Government that will be held here in Georgia. We are asking for your support and participation by contributions
of $10- $15 -$25 dollars or more!  To help fare the cost for hosting the Convention, offices supplies, various
venues, food, transportation, video productions and much more. The deadline for all contributions will be
September 2, 2012.

Come join us for African Independence Day and the Marcus Garvey Parade. There will be International
Celebrations Worldwide on the 31st of August, Videos, Music, Reasoning and more.  (Maybe - Queen Hadijah
revolutionary singer and songwriter. – we got to work it through the Division & existing Schedule.) The UNIA-ACL
Ambassador of Belize Bilal Sunni Ali will be in Concert plus Miguel Paul and Itopia the Band. Music Provided by
the Bashar Family along with DJ Elijah

If everyone would make a contribution large or small, it will be truly valued with love. We recognize our African
Families do reach globally. And for those who are unable to attend; we are conscious, that you’ll be joining us in
love and spirit. Therefore, we are still asking you to show your generosity. The UNIA-ACL Atlanta Division 421 is
grateful to everyone for their financial sacrifices for the mission of our continuance in fighting for our freedom in
building a sovereignty government! Our ancestor’s will dance in solidarity and rejoicing in all that we give and do
within this universe!  
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$10 Non Food Listings -  $20 Food Listing.  Complete Following:
10th President
General of the
Senghor Baye