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Denver's Revolution is dedicated to
solidifying the Black community
throughout Colorado through
knowledge and unity.  Look forward
to events, articles, business
promotion, activism updates, and
COMMUNITY! Visit us weekly! Get
Active! Support! Build!
Denver's Community Happenings Below
Denver's Revolution
Celebrating Us:
1st Annual Denver Natural Hair Care Expo:

Natural Hair is taking the nation by storm! Denver
received its first taste of the power of being naturally
you this Sunday, June 8, 2014 during the 1st Annual
Denver Natural Hair Care Expo.  Colorado Urban
Naturals and Urban Cipher packed the house of Cleo
Parker Robinson Dance Theater with over 250 men,
women, and children embracing the beauty of us as a
people.  The events program included a wide range of
14 workshops including caring for natural hair in
Denvers climate,  a vendor market of over 25
products/services, 2 panel discussions, and a natural
hair showcase.  An especially treat delightful were the
My Hair Journey stories that invited brothers and
sisters to share what sparked their journey back to
natural and how it has impacted their life as well as the
lives around them.  The 1st Annual Denver Natural
Hair Care Expo chartered new heights with amazing
native soul food, spoken word, and an atmosphere of
community and love.  Special thanks and
congratulations to Ms. Phaedra High for her vision and
dedication in bringing this expo to Denver, the
community looks forward to years to come.

Kinyata Fulton
Happening In Denver:
Denver's Annual Juneteenth Festival: