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Electrical Engineer
Don Bell E/E
Don Bell & Silcon Universe Inc.
1600 Commerce
Dallas, Texas 75201
CBPM's 1,202nd Member

At age 19, Don Bell was the lead singer for The
Gallahads.  Their song, "Lonely Guy", became a
number one hit in the United States.
American electricity consumer, here's what
your electricity company don't Want You To

There's RESSE a 20KW radio frequency powered electricity
generator that provides  electricity to power your entire home.
Today electricity  companies are obsolete. So, Get off the grid
and have your home connected to a FREE and  unlimited
source of electricity ... RESSE OPTIMA radio frequency

The only expense...
*** Internal batteries must be replaced every 5-years,
otherwise, no operational expenses. No environmental harming
diesel fuel, natural gas and etc. With RESSE OPTIMA
advance,  you can drop your electricity company. RESSE: $
5,125 U.S.D. Call 214-200-1122 for installation quote.

RESSE, electricity's core foundation for the future.
Broadcast Smartphone music to
your car stereo or to your home
Introducing America's
Electronic Wonder Of The World
Don Bell's
***100 feet range
No Batteries. No Cables needed.
Self Powered By
Artificial Coriolis Effect.

Soulify the musical sound of your car's stereo and
home's stereo by broadcasting music directly from
your SmartPhone using Don Bell's Anunaki ChillOut
caster. No batteries or cables needed. The ChillOut
caster is Uniquely powered by Artificial Coriolis
Effect... An IMTS Science advance.

Compatible with smartphones, tablets and mp3 players.
Weights under 3 oz.
Simply plug ChillOut caster into smartphone's earplug
Jack...Wa La, you are now broadcasting music . Turn on
stereo radio and tweek tuning dial for best sound.

The ChillOut caster retails for $15.00 USD.
To order call 214-315-5709
Listen to your favorite You Tube tunes over your car stereo
/home stereo with the ChillOut caster.
It's your call, either ChillOut or go home.

Chizail/ Abbigail (IMTS)  Science & Soul Brotha Electric
company: partners  

Patent pending.
Don Bell