If a 1000 Black People come together and put 27 cents a day into a
collective account, after 1 year we would have generated $98,550.
CBPM has to function as a
"Super Duper Power Booster African People Power Plant"

Based on Input of one
member to collective
(See for 593, 1000, 35 Million members)
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Currently there are 3,364 Individuals who
have joined and became members of th
Collective Black People Movement
 Each entry in the membership
database contains 200 columns of
information (the Skills, Talents, and
Intelligence (Education) of this member.  
Thus totaling to 672,800 data cells
ofinformation on what our members are
doing that can help all of us and how we can
give that member help in return.
Below is a table that describes the power of
Strength in Numbers.  This table is also a
road map that establishes goals for the
number of members we can get to join the
Collective Black People Movement (CBPM)
and what will be achieved by our people
from our collective efforts.  
Table: Strength in Numbers and what will be Achieved for African (Black) People.
All African People United                                                                                                                                                                           X
Total Black Unification in the U.S.                                                                                                                                           X                X
Sovereignty for our people                                                                                                                                   X                 X                X
A force to be reckoned with                                                                                                               X                X                 X                X
Economic Power                                                                                                             X                X               X                  X                X
Positioned for Internal Financial Support                                                         X             X                X               X                 X                 X
Political Power/ Dev. of Parallel Institutions                                        X           X              X               X               X                  X                X
Development of CBPM Departments                                     X          X           X              X               X                X                 X                X
Black Unification                                                          X        X          X           X              X               X                X                 X                X
Self-Determination for Blacks                           X        X         X          X           X             X               X                X                 X                X
# of People in the Collective (CBPM)            1     100     500     1,000     5,000     10,000     100,000    1 Million    45 Million    2 Billion
The Collective has to
integrate everything African
People are doing into one
body for the benefit and
upliftment of all African
Exhaust: Waste Removed from Amongst our People:
1.  Separation and Division
2.  Animosity
3.  Self-Hatred
4.  Doing works by yourself
5.  Anger
6.  Inefficiency
7.  Not gathering skills, talents, & intel. at events (i.e. JENA)
8.  Other: ________________________
Produced Collectively:
1.        Unification and Collaboration
2.        Respect and Support
3.        Collective Mentality
4.        Doing works Collectively
5.        Love
6.        Efficiency
7.        Other: ____________________
Economic Plan – 27 cents/day
a.        6.75 cents/day member savings
b.        6.75 cents/day collective savings
c.        6.75 cents/day to fund the budget of
50  areas of skills, talents, &
intelligence (& Black Organizations
who are member of collective).
d.        6.75 cents/day to employ or people
New Members to Positive Black
Organizations that are part of the collective
Uniting (gathering), documenting, and
organizing our people across all individuals,
families, organizations, businesses,
institutions, and spiritualities based on our
skills, talents, & intelligence (education).

or Honorary
27 cents/day
A local, national, and international network,
An establishment of a Collective African
 in all areas of skills, talents, &
intelligence of humanity
Support of each Other
A collective force to address the problems
faced by African People in Criminal Justice
System, Political, Educational, Employment
Housing, Health Care, and much more…
Other and much more: ________________
(When you give your input into the Collective)
Join the Collective and help our People reach to the next level of Unification, 5,000 members.
Get paid for uniting our people...Compensation:  10% of each new member yearly dues you receive.
Become a membership coordinator for the collective, locally, nationally or internationally, click here.  Compensation: is 1% of total membership dues to CBPM.
Unity is Strength
CBPM Member Businesses Pages
Type of Business                        Name of Business
Errand Service                          R & R Errand Service
Father Initiative                         Black Star Project Atlanta
Father Initiative                         
Concerned Dads Inc.
Film Production Co.                   Ruff Life Films
Finance                                       Educated Investments
Finance                                       Mountain Movers Worldwide
Fine Arts                                      Mahdi Creations
Iron Jerk
Hair/Personal Care                     Elite Barber and Hair
Hair/Personal Care                     Keep it locked
Hair/Personal Care                     Modern Manna
Hand Craft/Jewerly                     
Touch of Class
Hand Craft/Jewerly                     Tephillah
Hip Hop                                        
Outlaw Radeo
Hip Hop                                        Last Laff Records
Hip Hop                                        York Nice
Hip Hop/Reggae                         
 Top Shottas
Home repair                                J.W. Home Repair
Independent record label         Street Voice Music
Interior Decorator                      The Guest Room
IT Specialist                                 
Bomani Computer Service
Jewelry                                         Ngozi Works
Management/Development       ESP Enterprises, Inc.
Massage                                      The Right Touch
Doing it Gog's Way
Merchant                                      LIA Merchant
Music                                            VUKA
Music                                            Ras Clay I
Natural Products                         
Networking & Marketing            Royal Inheritance
Photography                                Shabazz Photos
King Quest
Radio                                            Outlaw Radeo
Rastafari Culture                         Testimonies and Revelations
of Rastafari
Real Estate                                   Mattie Childs Listings
Rankin Media
Reggae                                         Ras Tree
Reggae                                         Techsound Industries
Restaurant                                    Our Daily Bread
Retail                                             Riding the Jewell
Salon Boutique                            Grove 492
Screen printing                            Prolific Screen Printing
Trading w/ Caribbean                  
Macford Enterprise
Travel Accommodations             Empress Travels
Travel Accommodations             
Travel Bound
Vegan Raw/Life Food                  Love Livin' Naturally
Vending                                        Aboriginal Blim Blam
Video Production                        Blackhandz Entertainment
Wholistic Healing                        Xaa'EL Heru El- BEY
Type of Business                        Name of Business
A Safe Passage                                ASAP
Accountig/Bookeeping                   Isis Bookeeping Services
Advertisement, Promotions           
Irievisions Marketing
Africa Tours and Investments        Africa for the Africans
Art                                                      Mute Testaments
Auto Sales                                        
Agape Auto
Bath & Body Products                     Shea Essentials
Bed & Breakfast                               Mahala Corp.
Black Organization                          
African Community Center for
Unity & Self Determination
Black Organization                          Black Male Community
Empowerment Forum (BMCEF)
Black Organization                          EWF Mahel Safari Local 49
Black Organization                          God's Children and Elders
Think Tank
Black Organization                          
Black Organization                          Problem Solvers United
Black Organization                          New Black Panther Party
Bookkeeping                                    Bottom Line Services
Organic Roots Café
Car wash                                           King Ras
Career Development                       Kingdom Fortunes
Children's Camp                               
Sankofa Youth Culture Camp
Civic & Civil Rights                          Project SOAR
Cleaning                                            GMC Cleaning
Clothes Design                                 Eclectreenvi
Clothing Line                                    
Black Kung Fu
Clothing Manufacturing                  Kem-Wear Mfg.
Clothing, Art, & Crafts                      Nationtime Fashion
Composition/Music                          Cipher He Records
Computer repair                               
Bomani Computer Services
Computer repair                               Leek Squad
Conglomerate                                   Select Effects Conglomerate
Doc Rehab 2000
Construction                                     I & I Works
Construction                                     Top Flight Painting
Consulting                                         CMS Health Services
Isis Hats
Cultural Items                                    Culture Wear
Cultural Shop                                    Gullah Inc.
Cultural Shop                                    Ikouba's Oil & Incense
Education                                           A+ Tutoring
Education                                           Rivers of Living Waters         
Education                                           The Independent Think Tank
Educational Consulting                    Kwame Ture Leadership
Electrical                                            Moanbessa
                         Mothers for Earth Soul yoga
Give 27 cents a day
Membership Department
Sponsered by the Collective Black People  Movement (CBPM)
The CBPM gathers our
people for 50 different  
Black  Organizations...
Kazakah Sarai of KBS Studio in Israel www.cbpm.org/kazakah; & www.cbpm.org/htsiproducts; Elihu of Face it Wise Production in Athol,
www.cbpm.org/faceitwise;  Efran of Jah Diamond Productions in Atlanta, Georgia www.cbpm.org/efrendiamond;  Sam Bateman of
the Black Business Builders in Muskegon, Michigan
http://www.blackbusinessbuilders.com/optin2/video.php?1675;  Melissa Mitchell (Cocoa) in
Atlanta, Georgia;  Devontae Gaskin (Maestrojacket) in College Park, Georgia;  Sumaila, Hardi in Tamale, Ghana
www.cbpm.org/africanchild;  Jetina
Wisdom the Pupil Teacher in Tamale, Ghana
www.cbpm.org/wisdom;  Mirline Lozis-Polynice of Bethel Grace and Mercy in Jersey, Georgia  www.
mirlinelozis.com; Abdullah Sadat (Jah Yut) in Tamale, Ghana www.cbpm.org/jahyut;  The UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Committee out of Washington
www.cbpm.org/unia-ldc;  I-Nia Rogers the Acting Counsel General for the UNIA-ACL in Washington DC & of Making Majic www.cbpm.
org/internationalexpatriatemovement; www.cbpm.org/dualcitizenship;  Brother Moorbey of Black Unity in Jacksonville, Florida http://blackunity.ning.
com; & www.cbpm.org/moorbey;  Kwasi of Jewels by Jeff in Atlanta, Georgia www.cbpm.org/jeffsjewels;  Ras Flame in Alabama,  Stuki of Etaylor
Group in Atlanta, Georgia
www.cbpm.org/networkers;  Alosua Ali.Sabree of Amadi Wellness Connection in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania www.
BeWellRelax.com; Richard Jones (Brother Hanif) in Ellenwood, Georgia; Khakija Jackson in Atlanta, Georgia;  Derek Isa Yusef Muhammad (T.H.E.
M. Helper) of One Love Barber in Birmingham, Alabama
www.cbpm.org/pumojabrotherhood;  William Elliott (Dan) of D & D Elliott Enterprise Inc. in
Covington, Georgia
www.cbpm.org/dandelliottenterprise;  Ali-Yasin of Free Your Mind Design in Atlanta, Georgia www.cbpm.org/fymd;  Kebu of the
Living Fund in Atlanta, Georgia
www.thelivingfund.com & www.cbpm.org/thelivingfund;  Nadra Enzi aka Captain Black of in Savannah, Georgia http:
//www.myspace.com/nadrasw1;  Germain Bindika of Loub’ Braids in Adrian, Michigan; Rev. Baruti of Udja Temple Ministries and Black Unity in
Charolette, North Carolina
www.afrikanfamilyressurection.ning.com & www.blogtalkradio.com/udjatemple;  Zakur Tupak-El of the Washitaw Nation
and Rise to Nobility in Lithonia, Georgia
www.cbpm.org/washitaw; Na-Mar-Rah (Moma Dogg) of Out for Justice in Columbus, Ohio www.cbpm.
org/outforjustice;  Marvenus Daniels of Just Venus Community Organizer in Columbus, Ohio www.cbpm.org/jusvenus;  Ebrima the Street Journalist
of Witness Corner in Atlanta, Georgia
www.cbpm.org/witnesscorner;  Profit Yeremeyah of Natural Mystic in Decatur, Georgia www.cbpm.
org/naturalmystic;  Sheriese Nicole of Itiopi International in Atlanta, Georgia www.itiopionline.com;  Terry Wade in Lawrenceville, Georgia;  Blak
Smith (Blak) in Atlanta, Georgia
www.black2africa.blogspot.com;  Ralph Carreia (Funckshaun) of Funckshaun Productions in Austell, Georgia www.
funckshaun.net & www.cbpm.org/funckshaun;  Rodney Riley (Knowledge) in Atlanta, Georgia ;  The Late Great Njere Alghanee of NCOBRA and
ABISA in Lithonia, Georgia
www.ncobra.org; & www.cbpm.org/reparations,  & www.cbpm.org/ncobra  Abdul Karim of Street Beats Car Audio in
Rochester, New York;  Brother Fredo of the Grove Assembly in Atlanta, Georgia
www.thegroovementassembly.com;  Khepra the Evolutionary of the
Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus in Brooklyn, New York
www.padu-srdc.ning.com,,  www.cbpm.org/padu  & www.facebook.com/profile.php?
id=657385407&ref=search#!/profile.php?id=882975575&ref=ts,  ;   Tommie Rodriguez in Fayetteville, North Carolina;  Baba Masanji of the House
Ove Maci in Atlanta, Georgia
www.cbpm.org/houseovemaci;  Abdul Rafik Amin (Rawindy) in Tamale, Ghana;  Mr. Humble of the Africon Blood
Newsletter, Dub Selector, and Wildfiyah Rootikal Records in Houston, Texas
www.wildfiyah.com & www.cbpm.org/africonblood ;  Ansar Aisha El
Muhammad (Sis Aisha)of Ansar 2 your Belly in Oakland, California;  Casandra Jones (Sister Sandre) of Precious Gems Home Day Care Service in
Marietta, Georgia
www.cbpm.org/pghdc;  Nisa Shabazz the Lady President of Division 421 & of Jabari Sekou Entertainment in Atlanta, Georgia www.
cbpm.org/jabarisekouentertainment & www.cbpm.org/tops;   Akinade the Wire Artist and Spiritual Advisor in Riverdale, Georgia www.cbpm.
org/healingwithelements;  Jacquese Aikian (Quessy) of Jaba (Cleaning) Services Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia www.jabaservices.net & www.cbpm.
org/jabaservices;  Ra Wilson of Migrating Cultures in Alpharetta, Georgia www.migratingculture.com & www.cbpm.org/ratehrepatriate;  Ancesral
Dancer Brother Jumoke Ifetayo of NCOBRA & Mr. Clean’s Home Nurturing in Atlanta, Georgia ;  Greta X (Bridges) of GXB Cosmetics in Birmingham,
www.cbpm.org/blacknbeautifullgoddess; The GR8 – Sundiata Brown of in Griffen, Georgia;  Taletha Patton (Talid) in Birmingham,
Alabama Diva Dreams; Czar Kijana of Obsidia in Decatur, Georgia
www.cbpm.org/obsidia;  Ewnetin Felagi (Khepera) in Phoenix, Arizona;  Darius
Bowens (Dee) of Supreme Mobile Cleaning in Atlanta, Georgia
www.cbpm.org/suprememobilecleaning;  Nicola Morris in Gillingham, Kentucky;  
Terry Brooks (Jamaicanman) in Greenwood, Mississippi
www.cbpm.org/blacklion;  Nicole Wilson (Nikki Noodles) in Atlanta, Georgia;  Yapende of
Highmerr International in Ormesson, France
www.highmerr.com; & www.cbpm.org/highmerr; Calvin Mackey of Wealth Creation in Atlanta, Georgia
http://www.HolyGrailResiduals.com/?owner=WEALTHCREATION;  Babatu Rudo (Akinnioyo) of Kwabenya Healing Grounds in Washington DC
myspace.com/kwabenyahealinggrounds;  Sharon Dyer in Sterling, Louisiana;  Lisa Miles of Koncious Kreations in College Park, Georgia www.
chezmajik08.tripod.com & www.cbpm.org/konciouskreations;  Kofi Nartley (Nart) of Youth in Business Project in Somanya, Ghana www.
youthinbeading.webs.com;  Timothy Spear or NAARI Housing Counseling Agency in Tucker, Georgia www.naarihousingcounselingagency.com &
www.cbpm.org/naari;  Oyah Menen of Join a Study Circle & AAPRP in Atlanta, Georgia
www.cbpm.org/joinastudycircle;  Kendall Newson of Teach a
Child to Fish & Nu Brand Inc. (Formerly with the Dallas Cowboys) in Decatur, Georgia
www.teachachildtofish.net,  www.cbp.org/nubrandinc & www.
cbpm.org.tactf;    Andrew Garvey El the grandson of Marcus Garvey of A & C Printables in Orlando, Florida catalogactivewear.com/acprints;  Brad
Gibbs of Street Politikin in Brooklyn, New York;  Benita Francis (Celeste)of Beyond Boundaries in Houston, Texas
www.cbpm.org/beyondboundaries;  Timothy Wheels (Fly)of Fly Wheel Entertainment in Atlanta, Georgia www.twitter.com/mrfiefly; Paulette
Bridges (Pook) in Atlanta, Georgia ;  Linzy Amiker (Bigpoopa) in Orangeburg, South Carolina;  B.I.G. Nel of in Sandy Springs, Georgia
bandcamp.com & www.cbpm.org/bignel;  Kofi Agyapong in Washington DC www.sada53.org;  Evan Bradley (Kaaria)in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;  
Jovon Walker (Ruddid) in Atlanta, Georgia;  Mark LeConte (Mauke) in Riviera, Florida;  Brother Hollywood in Glen Burn, Maryland;  Tenisha
McCaleb in Florissasnt, Missouri;  Joseph Chapman (Woosie) in Brooklyn, New York;  Shanay Davis (SB) in Union City, Georgia;  Richard Wyatt
(Rich) in Farmingdale, New York;  Michele West in Columbus, Georgia
www.wix.com/jrocks/mom.org;  Debra Haiston (Dee Dee) in Aiken, South
Carolina;   LaVerne Collington (Perilous leader)of Triple C’s Service Foundation in Riverdale, Georgia
www.cbpm.org/tcsf;   Mwt ChenziRa of Per
Ankh Khamniversity Institute in Kingshill, Virgin Islands
www.perankhu.org;  Thomas McRae (Quiet or T) in Queens, New York;  Felicia Gary (Lisa)
in White Castle, Louisiana
www.cbpm.org/feliciagary;  Aquia Rachille (Aquiaherra) Atlanta, Georgia;  Daniel Solomon (D) in Washington DC www.
tomocacoffee.com;  Charles Blake in Atlanta, Georgia www.cbpm.org/nhm;  Little King David in Atlanta, Georgia;  Gloria Foster of Capital
Commercial Real Estate in Lawrenceville, Georgia
www.capitalcomgroup.com;  Wayne David (Frederick) of Nabru in Wellingboro, London UK www.
nabruenterprise.org; Zakiya Penny in St. Louis, Missouri;  Antonios Stone (Dada) in Detroit, Michigan;  Yaw Manu in Lithonia, Georgia www.
consciousafricans.ning.com;  Harold Osborne in California;  Joseph Dismond of Turner King University in Twinburg, Ohio;  Blakk Diamond in
Miramar, Florida
www.returntoblakkroyalty.com; Vearon Pack (Queen) of Creative Times in Annapolis, Maryland www.cbpm.org/creationtimes;  
Kwanisai Mafa of the Ujamma Youth Farming Project in Gweru, Zimbabwe
www.ujammafarming.org; Akua Oparebea Johnson the President of the
Woodson/ Banneker/Jackson Bey UNIA-ACL Washington DC Division 330; and Adeyinka Adefunmiloye of African Tourist Magazine in Lagos,

The Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) thanks all our new members and current members bringing our organization’s
membership to 872 members today.  From the areas of the world that our members sign up for the CBPM membership, gives us a
scope of how far the works of the Collective Black People Movement is reaching.  Thank you all, again, for joining the Collective Black
People Movement (CBPM).  Become a member here:
The Collective Black People Movement welcomes all of our New
members with their Skill, Talents, and Intelligence (education):  
Black People give
your skills, talents,
and intelligence
(education) to your