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Freedom Paper Company LLC
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Freedom Paper Company LLC
FPC is the Premier Black owned manufacturer and
distributor of quality Personal Paper Products,
Janitorial Goods and Office supplies that we all use
daily.  From Bathroom Tissue, Paper Towels and
Trash Can Liners to Napkins, Cups, Plates and
Cutlery to Cleaning supplies, Copy Paper and
Stationary we are your one stop shop.
We also:
1. Have Hard Wound Paper Towels
2. Have a Cooperative Economics Program for the
3. Buy Black
4. Service the Food Service Industry
5. Have Office supplies
plus Environmentally Friendly

The Economic Revolution begins community
by community.  And it starts with a product
we're all familiar with.  

***Bathroom Tissue***
Something we all need and something we all use.  
We at Freedom Paper Company, LLC are
committed to transforming the economic reality for
people and communities who need it most.  And
the Key to it all is Freedom Bathroom Tissue.  A
Freedom Opportunity for individuals, organizations
and institutions in YOUR community to build
economic strength has finally emerged.  Now is the
time for Freedom! - What You Deserve.
Freedom Paper Company LLC is a privately owned
manufacturer and distributor of bathroom tissue and other
paper products headquartered in Columbia Maryland. Our
company is unique from other corporations as we are born
from the foundation of grass roots movement combined with
the best of corporate culture and business acumen. We have
instituted a new business paradigm for the 21st century as
we seek to be profitable for our investors, while being
conscientious of both the environment and our communities.

Our firm takes the approach of nature its self, never taking
without giving back. We provide a multitude of benefit
through our products to include small business development
and customer incentives.
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Freedom Paper Company
Order your paper products from a Black Manufacturer
and keep the business in the family.
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Freedom Paper Company LLC
Columbia, Maryland
CBPM's 1,559th Member

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