Success of Jamaican Book in New Zealand
The increasingly popular book, "Overstanding Rastafari - Jamaica's Gift
to the World " is now required reading at Victoria University in New
Zealand. " Overstanding Rastafari " by renowned Jamaican author and
poet Yasus Afari, continues to set a new precedent internationally and
is rapidly becoming a 'collectors' item' around the globe.
From 2011, “Overstanding Rastafari is a required text book in the
'Decolonizing International Relations' course at Victoria University in
Wellington, New Zealand. This recent development follows in the wake
of two successful Australasian tours by Yasus Afari in 2008 and 2009.
He will be returning to Japan, Australia and New Zealand in 2011 as part
of his Annual World Tour which is managed through Learning Links
International. Literary works of other leading Jamaican authors,
Professor Fred Hickling and Dr Clinton Hutton are also a part of the
required reading for this innovative and well regarded course of study at
Victoria University, New Zealand
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Is KFC Advertisement Offensive to Caribbean Persons?
Pinky Art by Faye Natalie,
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Check out the blog post 'Is KFC Advertisement
Offensive to Caribbean Persons?
Cultural differences in the world often lead to conflict. The world
has shrunk via technology so ads on video are circulated
worldwide. Should KFC have done this ad?

A KFC ad in Australia has led some on the Internet to accuse the
company of being racially insensitive. The ad, part of the company's "C...
Blog post link:
Is KFC Advertisement Offensive to Caribbean Persons?

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Friends of Jamaica --
You may remember Jamaica's historic foray into the world of winter
sports when we entered a
bobsled team in XVth Winter Olympic Game
in Calgary, Canada. We were all so proud of their achievements and
many people around the world were inspired by their audacity.

So in celebration of that momentous time in our history is proud to
reacquaint you with
Devon Harris . Since his bobsledding days, Mr. Harris has
been working as a
motivational speaker and author. His latest book Keep On
Pushing: Hot lessons from Cool Runnings highlights many of the lessons he
learnt during his bobsledding days.

Learn more about Devon at where you may also pick up a
copy of his book.
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Have we already forgotten 11-year-old Ananda Dean?  Since the
start of 2010, 1,300 children have been reported missing, with a
whopping 328 still unaccounted for, in addition to three deaths:
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March 14th, 2015:
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