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Denise Price-Kouao
Joseph David Price
Mental Illness Support
Ocala, Florida
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Joseph David Price-Mental Illness Support

This site is to seek donations and
support for  people who have a
mental illness, and that is being put
into prisons when clearly what they
need is a good facility that cares for
the mentally challenge.

This site is seeking donations and support for
people that have a mental illness. To many times
our love ones are placed into prisons when
clearly it shows that they should be in a mental
facility for the mentally challenge. A law here is
set up to where they can put our love ones in
prisons for a life time. When someone gets out
of prison they should not commit a felony for up
to three years or they can be charge as a
habitual offender. Than the law says that if
someone does not commit a felony in three
years, but they commit a felony within five years
of their release from prison, than they can still be
charge as a habitual offender. We have got to
do something to change this, because in this
state it doesn't matter what you do when you get
out. If the law is broken the state has a choice of
filing what you did as a misdemeanor or a felony.
So if you stay in this state, they will almost
always make sure you go back, especially with
this three strikes law.
Joseph David Price
This is a picture of my son Joseph David Price, he was diagnosis with bipolar in 1999. He went to prison in
2002 and got out 2009. In May of 2013 he snapped mentally, he had been off his medication for at least two
weeks and was drinking and doing drugs at the time. The law says that if a felony is committed within three
years of release from prison, they can be charged as a habitual offender. My son had been out almost four
years, he got out of prison June of 2009. Than the state came back with okay if you committed a felony within
five years of being released from prison we can still charge you as a habitual offender. So they are telling my
son to plead out and he will only get twenty years in prison. If he don't take the plea deal and go to trial, he will
get life in prison. Now when he first went to court he ask for a speedy trial, which was denied him. The first
public defender was suppose to get a mental evaluation on him, she again violated his rights by doing
absolutely nothing on his case because the judge denied her a continuance on all her cases because she
wanted to go out of town to some seminars. So my son case just sat, while the first public defender moved to
another county to work. By the time the second public defender got the case and ask for the mental evaluation,
my son had been back on his medications for seven months. When the doctor finally saw him, the doctor said
he was sane and can proceed with trial. But had they did the evaluation on him when he first went to jail, they
would have saw that he was indeed insane at the time of the crime. While I feel the second public defender has
done a good job his usual attorney will help him out more. The attorney was the same attorney we used when
he was nineteen years old, she was his first attorney.

So this attorney knows him, knows the family, she basically is the one we call when ever we had a question that had to do with the
law. She wants twenty thousands dollars, ten thousand just to start with, I am disable now and haven't worked since 2012. Her
name is Tania Alavi and yes she is one of the best in this area as far as a criminal attorney. She will take any amount and any way
someone wants to donate. Her phone number is 352-732-9191, when she reach her ten thousand mark, she will start on my son
case. The state is picking a jury for him this coming Monday, November 10, 2014, so you see how desperate I am for help, if I
come up with this money by Monday, than Tania Alavi can get a continuance so that she can see what have been done on my
son's case. All I know is the more time he spends in the county jail is the less time he will spend in a prison. And that is if he even
goes to prison, because as I said this attorney know him from the age of nineteen, he is now thirty three. And one thing she do is
work, dig, find, she will do the very best she can to get my son back to his family. So please don't hesitate to call her and donate. If
you don't want to do that, than you can always put money in my account under Denise Price-Kouao, Wells Fargo Bank, Florida
account, one hundred percent will go to her for his case. Anything you can donate will be most appreciate and thank you in
Joseph David Price