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The resource network
marketing community that is
the infrastructure for the
economic growth of the
Collective Black People

Solutionary center for the
needs of entrepreneurs
developing global interests.

The architects of the
innovatively designed
Outerspace Marketplace
It is  everyone's duty and honor to serve our community by shepherding each other to the
pastures we seek.

The linking together of parties by their needs is the most simple and realistic solution to the
grassroots infrastructure equation.

Get Linked Up!
What We Learn Is For
Each Other
Kings $ Queens on a Quest to Konnect
We all have transferred information from someone
who had it to someone who needed it.

That is the solutionary connect in you that used the
natural law of diffusion to send supply to demand.

Whether it was informing someone about a job
opportunity or the heads up on a sale at a department

You have completed a solutionary connection that
took a need/need situation and turned it into a win/win

Now by mastering this art known as excellence of
service you will develop social networks that are
revolving circles of prosperity.

This is the answer to the lack of capital and resources
that halt the growth of entrepreneurs.

This incentive of benvolent relationships will have
you connecting everyday.

Now is the time get connected!
King Quest
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This is the era of

Information is

Knowledge is

Therefore this is
the era of Power!
Who knows YOU?

What do they know about YOU?

What do you PRODUCE?

What are you SEARCHING for?

key to professional royalty)

"The quickest path to the KING is
through the servant's chambers"
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55th Int'l UNIA-ACL
Convention, Atlanta
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