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Africa Imagine
Africans, imagine a time in which the peoples of the world ventured to your doorstep to learn mathematics, chemistry, culture and to study the other
arts and sciences. Imagine the melanoid peoples of the earth revering your structures, your technology and the exploits of your creative children.
Imagine that upheld as legitimate and true were your concepts of God and creation. Imagine that the focus of great deliberations and deep topics of
meditation are your philosophies crafted through millennia of profound contemplation.
Imagine this time is now, Imagine this place is here, Imagine this person is You. Imagine the truth that the reflection you see in the mirror is the
culmination and evolution of that magnificent ancestry. Where I ask; is your present brilliance? Where is your current splendor? Where is your unique
luminosity shining? What in the ever-present eternal moment of now, are you doing to make your seed thankful that you were their progenitor?
We look constantly to the past and greatly admire the human creations we find there, yet we fail to understand that it “is the past”, and it must be
overcome. It is the nostalgic reflection on the past, which keeps us locked into “established” ways of thinking and acting. Some even suppose that we
honor our ancestors by maintaining these archaic fashions and outmoded traditions. I think not!
We honor our ancestors by improving upon their designs, by enhancing and fostering the further development of the human condition and pushing the
limits of human achievement. “There is nothing permanent but change” and if this is statement spoken by the wise is true; is it not the height of
stupidity to remain static in a universe that is truly fluidic in nature.
We Africans are failing to realize that the responsibility of the present is to surpass those triumphs of foregone years and to create in the here and now
attainments that at a minimum rival those of our ancestors. How you may ask did our parents accomplish such feats? How were they able to see such
things manifested? The answer in a word is organization.
The principle of organization, which we see, manifested in all aspects of the known universe is the cause of all creation. Without this organizing
principle chaos reigns supreme, the seed does not flower into the tree, the earth does not maintain its orbit, the sacred union of sperm and egg does
not become your child of promise and a once great people do not rise above their degraded condition and continue their descent further into servitude
and extinction.
My African family, we must rise and the essential first step is to imagine and organize. What is Imagination? What does it mean to Imagine? Is
imagination simply the ephemeral musings of an idle mind? Is it the inept rumination of indolent brain activity? Alternatively, perhaps, on the other
hand, it is when used properly; one of the most powerful tools ever bequeathed and cultivated by humanity.
The imaginative ability is a gift from the Creator and as I have observed my own imagination at work, I realized that all action manifests through the
creative power of the imagination. In fact, anything anyone ever does begins with the conscious or unconscious image fostered first in the mind. The
human body cannot move without the imaging brain transmitting instructions to its vehicle informing it of what actions to take in order to manifest the
image it has created. This is true of the most monumental and the most menial of accomplishments.
For example, I am now writing this article, yet prior to writing the article, I saw in my mind’s eye the image of myself writing the article, revising the article
and ultimately completing the article and emailing it to the eagerly awaiting editor. The image empowered me to act physically, utilize the resources at
my disposal and devote time and attention to the concrete realization of my seemingly evanescent imagination.
We must recognize and harness this power for the good of our grandchildren’s children and ourselves. We must imagine, organize and act intelligently
for the greater good of our species. A prominent Senator in America is constantly talking about “ordinary people doing extraordinary things” and that is
the crux of the matter. We are all ordinary people. From the richest and most accomplished of us to the lowest beggar, we are all ordinary people. The
difference lies in the individual choosing to do extraordinary things, taking responsibility for the future and deciding not to be led as sheep to the
Choose to use your imagination to uplift and help others. Those individuals consciously aware of its power and skilled in its use have at their fingertips
the ability to achieve great things. My African siblings, we must begin to imagine for ourselves, to envision our own future built upon the greatness of
our past.
In order to take our rightful place of among the peoples of the earth we must be masters in our own home. How will others ever respect us when it is
clear for all to see that segmented and divided we are; contesting mightily with our brother for a bowl of porridge, while the alien masters take
possession of our riches. It should be clear to any African that extinction is the resulting end of this division. Look upon your children and imagine the
state of their children’s children if we continue in this state of discord and schism. Will Africa still belong to them, I think not
Imagine Africa without the disease, without the poverty, without the helplessness, without the weakness, without the impotence, without the famine,
without the war, without the suffering, without the death, without the evil men who dominate its politics, its economics and its social organizations.
Imagine these conditions and set out to transform them. If we cannot see it then it will never happen.
The vision of a unified Africa, one singular continental African nation whose bold children embark on a modernization project to feed its people, shelter
its women, heal its children and gainfully employ its adults in productive 21st century business and industries may be construed as fantasy by some. I
too grant that this vision is not easy of accomplishment and many difficulties will beset those who undertake it; but considers all things from a
perspective four generations from this moment and perhaps, using your imaginative power you too will be able to summon the wisdom, strength and
courage to achieve in ways greater than that of your ancestors.
Will you see the future of promise or the future of blight; I imagine… you will have to decide for yourself.
C. Kijana