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Mwalimu Amsata
Pan African Federalist
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The "New" Pan Africanism 2020
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The Pan African Federalist Movement
(PAFM) is working for the political
establisment of a Global Pan African
Federation, i.e., United African States
"in much less than a generation".
Habari Gani - The primary purpose of the North American
PAFM is to galvanize and organize the Black / African
communities in North America around our mission of
bringing the United African States into political existence "in
much less than a generation".
STEP #1 - Sign our Petition (Below) in support of the idea of
the political establishment of the United African States. Our
goal is to collect at least 25,000 signatures in North America
(United States and Canada) and to have the five (5) Regions
on the African continent and the Caribbean, etc.,
do the same.
STEP #2 - To become an active participant in the Pan
African Federalist Movement (PAFM) in North America and
receive your membership card here:
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STEP #3 - Join or organize a Local Coordinating
Committee (LCC) in your city or local community.
For additional information on how to proceed, please
contact our Field Organizer, Brother Senghor Baye at (202)
256-2518 or Email:
The mission and some of the activities,
of the Pan African Federalist Movement
(PAFM) in North America and globally:

(1) Introductory Statement of PAFM North America.

(2) FINAL DECLARATION of our International PAFM Pre-Congress
that took place in Accra, Ghana, December 8-13, 2018;

(3) Photo of Attendees at the North American PAFM Conference
that took place in Washington, D.C., May 25-26, 2018;

Photo of Baba Amsata, Coordinator of PAFM - North America,
at Podium and his daughter Edwina and Baba Senghor Chief Field
Organizer, sitting in background at Africa Day Celebration in
Gainesville, Florida, May 28th, 2019. Please click on image for
more details.

(5) Flyer for PAFM Pre-Congress and 60th Anniversary
Celebration of the All African Peoples Conference (AAPC@60) in
Accra, Ghana, December 8-13, 2018;

(6) Photo of A. Peter Bailey (Associate of Malcolm X and Member
of OAAU) with Samia Nkrumah (Daughter of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah)
in Ghana, December 2018;

(7)  Photo of Brother Mwalimu Amsata (Coordinator, RIC-North
America, PAFM) with the daughters of Malcolm X (Malaak
Shabazz) on left and Kwame Nkrumah (Samia Nkrumah) on right,
in Ghana, December 2018;

(8) African Elder Statesmen Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, with his 1997
quote "Without Unity there is no future for Africa";

(9) Pan Africanist Dr. Kwame Nkrumah quote on the Global African

(10) Hon. Marcus Garvey- First Provisional President of Africa; and
Power Point Presentation of Mwalimu Amsata to the SRDC in
Baltimore (November 2018) on the Pan African Federalist
Movement in North America.

(12) Bio Sketch of Baba Mwalimu K-Q Amsata aka Brother Ed
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Sign the Petition for the
United African States
North American PAFM Conference
Washington DC, May 25-26, 2018
Brother Amsata &
Emma Nyerere at PAFM
Pre-Congress, Ghana
December 2018
Brother Amsata with Daughters of
Malcolm (Malaak Shabaz) and
Nkrumah (Samia Nkrumah)
Accra, Ghana, December 2018
I support the idea of the political establishment of the
United African States, consisting of a global federation
of all countries in Africa, all African countries in the
Caribbean and the African Diasporas in North and
South America, Europe and Asia.
Author Edward H. Brown Jr.
MPA *About Edward H. Brown,
Jr., MPA (aka Mwalimu K-Q
Amsata) was born and raised in
Harlem, New York City...
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AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY - Gainesville, Florida
Saturday May 25th, 2019 - Click Picture For Details
Help raise funds for our North American Pan
African Federalist Convention that will be taking
place in Atlanta , October 15-18, 2020.
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