Richard Mafundi Lake - North America

Richard Mafundi Lake was a long-time organizer
against racist police brutality in Alabama. He was
sentenced in 1983 under Alabama’s Habitual
Offender Act to life in prison.
Richard has been locked up since September 19,
2001 for allegedly creating a security hazard by
writing anti-American propaganda on the black
board during an Islamic service. However,
Richard has stated that he was leading a
discussion regarding reparations for Black people
for enslavement and centuries of injustices.
Richard may be one of the only people still
imprisoned as a consequence of anti-islamic
hysteria after 9/11 that had nothing to do with any
“terrorist” attacks on the U.S.
His birthday is March 1, 1940.

Richard Mafundi Lake
Donaldson CF
100 Warrior Lane
Bessemer, AL 35023-7299

Sekou Kambui - North America

Birthday: September 6, 1948
Sekou Cinque T.M. Kambui (s/n William J. Turk)
is a New Afrikan political prisoner currently
serving two consecutive life sentences for
crimes he did not commit. Sekou has already
spent twenty years of his life behind bars on
trumped up charges of murdering two white men
in Alabama in 1975.

P.O. Box 56 SCC (B1-21)
Elmore, AL 36025-0056