Herman Bell - North America

Herman Bell is a former Black Panther framed for
the murder of a police officer in New York and is
serving 25 years to life in prison.
Personal Background

Herman Bell was born in Mississippi and moved to
Brooklyn, New York as a boy. He was a talented
High School football player and won a football
scholarship to the University of California in
Oakland. While in Oakland, Herman joined the
Black Panther Party and became active around
human rights issues in the Black community.
Legal Case

In 1971, he went underground because of
relentless FBI attacks on the Black Panther Party.
While underground, Herman joined the Black
Liberation Army, and in September of 1973 he was
captured and extradited to New York on charges
of having killed 2 New York City police officers– a
case for which Jalil Muntaquim and Nuh
Washington were already serving time. No
witnesses were able to put Herman at the scene
of the crime. The first trial ended in a hung jury
and he was convicted at his second trial and given
25 years to life.


Life in Prison

Herman is a prison activist and has coached
various sports teams inside the prison system.
In 1990 he earned his B.S. degree from the
State University of New York at New Paltz.
Most recently, Herman was indicted as one of
the San Francisco 8, 8 former Black Panthers
all accused of murdering a police officer in San
Francisco in the 1970’s. Herman pled guilty to
a smaller offense and was not given any
additional time to his sentence.

* Support Site: freethesf8.org

Sullivan Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 116
325 Riverside Drive
Fallsburg, New York 12733-0116

Jalil Muntaqim - North America

Jalil Muntaqim became affiliated with the Black
Panther Party at age 18.

Less than 2 months before his 20th birthday he
was captured with Albert Nuh Washington in a
midnight shootout with San Francisco police. He
was subsequently charged with a host of
revolutionary activities including the assassination
of two police in New York City. It is for this that he
is currently serving a 25 years – life sentence in
New York State. His case is known as the New
York 3 case as his co-defendants include Nuh and
Herman Bell. He was also implicated in the San
Francisco 8 case, and pled guilty to a lesser

Support Site: freejalil.com
{Anthony Bottom}
Auburn CF
PO Box 618
Auburn, NY 13021

Patreese Johnson - North America


In the summer of 2006, seven young black
lesbians from New Jersey in NYC's West
Village were propositioned for sex by a man.
The man followed the women down the street,
becoming aggressive. A fight broke out and
one of the women used a knife to make the
man stop choking her friend. The attacker was
hospitalized for five days with lacerations from
the confrontation. The women ended up on trial
for attempted murder and were sentenced to
jail time for periods up to 11 years.

One remains in jail, you can write to her at:

Patreese Johnson #07-G-0635
Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 1000
Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Maliki Latine - North America

Maliki Shakur Latine was born in the Bronx on
August 23, 1949. In his early years, Latine became
involved with the Nation of Islam. It was during this
time that he started on the path of confronting
society’s oppressive forces.
In 1969, Maliki and his brother, Shaqwan, joined up
with the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense
(BPP). Maliki began taking political education
classes offered by the Black Panther Party. He
studied Chairman Mao, Franz Fannon, Lenin, Fidel
Castro, Che, and many others. He was also
involved in transforming the theoretical ideals of the
BPP into daily practice.
Maliki’s efforts to challenge the influx of drugs
entering his community in Harlem were eventually
cut short by a gun battle with police on July 3rd,


1979. The altercation resulted in arrests and
some arrestees became career informants for
the government. A month later, on August 7,
1979, Maliki Latine was arrested in St. Albans,
Queens, by a joint force investigating a series
of bank expropriations. Maliki Latine and Jose
(Hamza) Saldana were indicted on charges of
attempted first- degree murder, four counts of
criminal possession of a weapon, and criminal
possession of stolen property. On October 1,
1981, the two were sentenced to 25 to life.

Clinton Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 2001
Dannemora, New York 12929