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Genocide By Mass Incarceration
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Black Lives Matter
Genocide By Mass
Incarceration Stop
* Religious Truth
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Activism pertaining to incarceration issues of
genocide with religious truth and the
importance of its reality will make good
reading. Additionally, there are activities to
help uplift fallen humanity with business
offers and a life coaching adviser that one
can reach virtually anytime 24 - 7 365+1.

Ever wonder why people have so many religions?
Ever wonder about how to protect yourself?
Ever wonder what to do if your Government wants to
hurt you?
Ever need money?
Ever wanted a coach to map out day to day concerns?
Well this site is just a small part of the answer perhaps if
you try to understand what it will present to you?

Be like Moorish Americans if see trouble or foolishness
If you need help in understanding then Read carefully
and fully before deciding.
Ask not what your Moorish American Nation State
Government can do for you, instead ask what can you do
to help your Government.
What is the Moorish American Nation State Government?
Read about Government and Religion why should they
be important to you?
The Moorish Science Temple of America versus issues
of The Moorish American Nation State Government.
Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Moorish American
Religion why what for?
Self - Defense
Citizens - Defense
Is it confusing to be called White, Negro, Black, or
Colored where do these terms come from and why are
they not acceptable to all, are there dangers with those
terms about people?