Million Man Alumni Association/Inner City Sub-Center
Would you like to pay $35 for
$50 worth of food?

When And Where?

The SHARE Food Co-op Program operates the third Saturday of each
month at the Inner City Sub-Center located at
7701 Harper @ Vandyke in
Detroit. Volunteers begin working at noon and SHARE Food baskets are
available for pick up at
2:00 pm.

How it works: Food is brought in large quantities at wholesale rates.
Participants volunteer two hrs working helping with distribution
activities. This collective work Eliminates much of the cost paid at
retail stores. By buying cooperatively in bulk and working
Our costs are lower. That discount is passed on to you.

What if I can't pick my food up? Delivery is available
Anywhere in the City of Detroit for an additional $ 10.00.

Contact Indi Ya Bey 313-828-8871 or
313-820-6549 for more information