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The Veiled Garvey – Garvey, Amy Jaques Taylor, Ula
Marcus Garvey Life and Lessons – Hill, Robert Bair, Barbara
Getting into the Vortex – Hicks, Jerry & Ester
The Essential Guide to the Tarot – Fontana, David

Our government, set up by our ancestors
for us to employ the concepts of race first, self-reliance and
A strong Pan-Africanist and Black Nationalist, The Honorable
Marcus Mosiah Garvey believed by linking the millions of
blacks in Africa, the Americas and elsewhere into one vast
network of production, trade and politicalco-operation and
eventual independence for the our race.

Seeing a need for black nurses he formed the Black Cross Nurses. These
uniformed auxiliary groups were numerous: the African Legion, The
Universal Motor Corps, etc. All helped to foster dignity and self-worth in and
among blacks. But Garvey didn't stop there.  

Seeing a need for black dolls Garvey and the UNIA opened a black doll
factory. In 1919 he started the Negro Factories Corporation, which sought
to, "build and operate factories in the big industrial centers of the United
States, Central America, the West Indies and Africa to manufacture every
marketable commodity." A chain of grocery stores, a restaurant, a steam
laundry, a tailor and dressmaking shop, a millinery store and a publishing
house, were started.

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