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Are You Living Up to Your True Potential?
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Career Fulfillment,                                                                                                                      
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Creative Expression.
Your Every Word Has Power – Oswald, Yvonne (2CDs, Workbook,cards)
Make Miracles in 40 days – Beattie, Melody
Zero Limits – Vitale, Joe
The Healing Energy of Shared Consciousness – Chia, Mantak

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Look at your life—do you have what you really,
really want?
Or are you settling? Have you given up on the life you once dreamed of?
I’m here to tell you that if you refocus—you can create the life you want.
If you desire to expand your potential as a human being and if you want to
have a stronger impact on the world around you. The information here will be
of great interest to you.   
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Here’s what you will learn… in just 2 days
#1 Learn to Meditate Like a Monk
2# Develop Your Powers of Healing and ESP
3# Use Your Mind to Create Positive Coincidences
Learn The Two Most Powerful Silva Techniques…
You will learn:
The Three Scenes Technique:
Program your mind to push you towards a goal. This technique does not
just serve to create self-motivation internally – it will actually create
external coincidences, things otherwise considered beyond your control,
to help you achieve your goal. Luck – you will find, is something you
The Mental Video Technique:
Nothing you’ve read comes close to this amazing technique.
Program your mind to tap into higher consciousness while you sleep to
bring you answers to complex problems and provide you with guidance
in life. You see this guidance as dreams, ideas that pop into your head or
physical coincidences in the form of meaningful signs.
Use this powerful technique to make the RIGHT decisions, 70%, 80%
even 95% of the time.
Imagine having intuition that can always help you make the right decision
and point you towards your mission in life.
Imagine having intuition that knows what lies ahead, and has the ability to
lead you to success, happiness and fulfillment.
This is the core of the UltraMind System:
When you know what you’re put on earth for and strive to accomplish
this you will the barriers disappear. Coincidences will occur to move you
along your path and success and happiness will come by with supreme
ease… as if by magic.
Once you learn your mission in life and get on the right path we will teach
you powerful visualization techniques to solve any kind of problem you
may face in life that keeps you from this mission.
      Graduates have reported being able to accelerate healing and amaze their
      Salesmen have reported dramatic increase in their commissions.
        Others have reported meeting their soul-mates or being able to strengthen
troubled relationships.
        Many more have reported being able to achieve dreams and goals with
surprising ease (many of these stories are detailed in our testimonials section).

When you are on the right path, you can create coincidences to push you
towards the solution and break down barriers. You can become a super-
achiever. This applies to any goal—better health, better relationships,
increase in wealth and greater creativity.
These techniques stay with you for life. In other words—once you learn it
you can always use it—the ability never leaves you.

Best of All
Do the results work for ordinary people in tough circumstance?
In Baltimore they conducted a class for homeless people.
70% of participants were able to find jobs within 2 weeks.
Imagine what Silva Can Do for You.
So What Makes Silva UltraMind a So Unique?
A Quick Summary Important Read
There are Three Things about Silva UltraMind that makes it decades
ahead of other programs available.
First – Learning to Function in the Alpha Level
The Alpha Level is the level of mind you attain when you are in meditation
or light sleep. Affirmations, Visualization, Healing, NLP, Intuition,
Clairvoyance, Healing, ALL work hundreds, if not thousands of time
better at this level.
This is the level where you can harness your subconscious mind—while
remaining wide awake.
You do not need expensive electronics aids, audios or special rooms to
reach the Alpha level. Silva UltraMind teaches you to go into this level at
Yes, you can reach alpha on a crowded bus, during a business meeting
or in the middle of your work day. You can use these ‘alpha moments’ to
tap into you intuition, to practice visualization, to give yourself a boost of
energy or to ‘de-stress’.
Learn to reach Alpha anytime, naturally within 1 minute.
Second – Discover Your Purpose in Life
Have you ever felt like there was something more you should be doing
with your life?
Maybe you felt that there is a hidden talent just ready to burst into
Or a special mission, a soul purpose, you are ready to achieve?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have guidance from higher intelligence as to how to
achieve all this?
Many self-improvement programs tell you that by tapping into your mind
you can have “anything you desire”. I’m afraid this is not true.
Silva’s research has shown that you can have anything you want—IF and
ONLY IF—it is part of your soul’s plan for you.
UltraMind teaches you to tap into you intuitive mind to make the right
decisions and to point yourself in the right direction. We help you find
your Life Purpose.
If you aiming towards the wrong goal, then you may face roadblocks in
life. These roadblocks could be a lousy job, bad health, a troubled
Think about your life right now—do you see roadblocks?
Silva UltraMind teaches you to tap into your intuition to understand what
your purpose in life is—and to blast through these roadblocks.
With Silva UltraMind you can live a life aligned with your True Purpose
and make the rights decisions in all aspects of your life.
Third – Moving Towards this Purpose and Achieving Your Goals
Once you have learned to function at the Alpha Level and to tap into your
intuition to identify what you should be doing—rather than what you think
you should do—you are now ready to use the Silva Three-Scenes-
When you are clear on what your Purpose is—that is, what you can be
doing to benefit humanity and to fulfill your reason for being—you will find
that, almost as if by magic, coincidences happen to push you towards
your purpose.
The Three-Scenes-Technique is a tool we teach to help you manifest
“coincidences” to move you towards this purpose.
With Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System, you have all the tools you need
to obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence to prepare yourself to
succeed in your life’s mission.
Join us as we uplift fallen humanity!!