Calling everybody, anybody can do this, Some of U.S. will,   
Nobody can do it better than you, for real!!….

Join us as we connect at the root in the spirit of excellence to fulfill our destiny.  Together we
stand and become even stronger.  Rise and shine!
Time is worth more than money!
Creating Leadership Gratitude Shops, Uhuru Sasa 2014. All is Well!

Relationship First Aid – 2X2 Focus – Seba, Maat
Manifest Your Dreams – Inner Wealth – Walker, Christopher
Imago a New Way to Love – 2X2 Focus – Hendrix, Harville Lakelly, Hunt
The 48 Laws of Power – Greene, Robert
How to Win Friends & Influence People – Carnegie, Dale
The Art of Seduction – Greene, Robert

W.O.W, W.O.W! (Woman of Wisdom, Women OM N I Wins)
Theme: Universal Wellbeing, Non-Stop Man-U-Ment-Me
Keynote topic: Authentic Citizenry and Global Recycling
Mission: To bring together existing, emerging leaders and global industries
that demonstrate a relentless commitment to people/public policy, personal
development, socio-economic reform and community involvement in a spirit
of collective work, responsibility and sincerely helping one another with
$1000.00 Sponsors (Media, Franchise/Corporation owners, Elders)
$  100.00 Supporters (vendors, small business owners responsible adults)
$  10.00 donation (participants, healthy activists, youth)
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