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1st President General:
Honorablae Marcus Garvey
August 1920 - 1940
The Whirlwind
Executive Board
Atlanta, Georgia 30314
678-827-CBPM (2276)



Published by The Dr. Julius
Nyerere UNIA-ACL Division
421 & the Collective Black
People Movement (
Administration Departmernt
10th President General:
Honorablae Senghor Baye
August 2008 - Present
“Look for me in a whirlwind or a storm!” Look for me all around you! For with God's
grace, I shall come back with countless millions of Black men and women who have
died in America, those who have died in the West Indies, and those who have died
in Africa, to aid you in fight for liberty, freedom and life!” These were the words
spoken by our Founder the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey in 1924.
Now the time has come, African People are experiencing
the spirit of the Whirlwind in the 21st century. The spirit
is telling us: ―Up You Mighty Race, You can accomplish
what you will. There are great works to be done by and
for African people locally, nationally, and internationally.
Join us as we discuss, plan, and implement ―Race First
governmental works in the Atlanta and the Georgia
area.  Rev. Dr. Anderson V. Sanders, of the Antioch
Methodist Episcopal Church in Stone Mountain is our
Division Elder Coordinator and Spiritual Guider. The
Universal Black Cross Nurses who’s focus is on the
health and wellness of our People is led by our Lady
President / Black Cross Nurse Matron, Sister Nisa
Shabazz, and our Registered Nurses (R.N.), Sister
Shellie Reuben. The Atlanta Division 421 Black Cross
Nurses meets the first Sundays of each month at our
UNIA/CBPM office in Atlanta, GA
Sponsored by the UNIA-ACL Global Government for All Africans at Home and Abroad
UNIA-ACL International Conventions: