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Jason Jones
Wings Express Takeout
1892 Metropolitan Pkwy
Atlanta, Georgia
CBPM's 1,510th Member


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Wings Express Takeout
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Our unique combinations of flavors combined with natural fresh
ingredients are what make our wings WOW you with every bite!
Thank you for your continued support!
We take our sauces very seriously. All sauces are 'made
from scratch' using natural flavors and seasonings. No
MSG, no perservates, low sodium, no white sugar. The
same dedication to quality is applied to the meats we
choose. We use only fresh Bell Peppers, Evans, natural
diet raised, hormone free, humanly processed, air chilled
chicken wings and chicken breast. We make our own
tenders and nuggets. All seafood is fresh, never frozen,
US caught shrimp and fish. With a CEO whose sensory
taste profiling ability is truly the gift behind the wing
sauces, we never rest on our laurels. The robust flavors
and the gourmet exotic blends are testimony to that gift.

Americans are demanding richer flavor, even in their
health-conscious products. As the American population
has become more diverse and sophisticated, so have
the blends of spices and exotic ingredients that go into
each 'home-made' sauce.

We can deliver full flavor, without all the extra additives
such as MSG and other flavor enhances that we cant
even pronounce. Our strength lies in this talent to
predict and define the flavor and texture intensities that
are now the "up and coming" trends in hot wings.

Why get lemon pepper full of MSG when we make our
own Lemon-Lime Pepper that taste even better and
wont kill you! Some people like hot, but not so hot that it
burns your taste buds! Our hot, medium and mild
sauces are EXCEPTIONAL, delivering the perfect
amount of heat but full of flavor.
Welcome to Wings Express Takeout located at
1892 Metropolitan Pkwy. This is our first
permanent home. Many of you remember our
food truck "
A Wing & A Prayer". Well now you
can get that same great taste everyday and
also enjoy many of our other tasty entrees.

As always , everything is fresh, never frozen,
minimally processed, naturally grown and
usually made from scratch, from our wings, to
our burgers, to our sauces! Come in today! We
have $5 & $7 lunch specials Monday - Friday.