Benefits of being a Member to the Collective
1.  A Web Page at the CBPM website and Exposure from being on one of the top Black Search Websites for "Black
Organizagtions" on the Internet.  Google search "Black Organizations" and let us know where we stand.

2.  Promotion of your business and works on Face Book,
Harambee Radio & TV, WACPtv. Black Unity, World of Jah,
Living in Black, and more

Exposure through over 25,000 pages visited at the CBPM website each monthly.

4.  An opportunity to become a leader in the CBPM by establishing a CBPM Chapter or becoming a CBPM Coordinator
in the community in which you live.

5.   You will be able to unite with other brothers and sisters from all over the world that have similar goals, interest, skills,
talents, and intelligence (education). (
Umoja - Unity)

6.  You can take an active part in our self-determination as a people by taking a leadership role in the activities of .the  
Collective Black People Movement (CBPM).  As a. member of the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM), you are
involved in a movement that was designed (African Engineering), created, and operated by Black People, to solve the
problems our people face.  As a people we can not expect other people to do for us. We must do for ourselves.
Kujichagulia - Self-Determination)

7.   You will have the opportunity to take part in making a better present and future for our youths and people by being
involved with the collective works and responsibility that is going to make life better for African People. (
Ujima –
Collective Work and Responsibility

8.   As a member, you will be part of an economic plan that will aid in our people’s financial upliftment. African people face
economical challenges everyday.  This economic dilemma is that individually, some of us have made great strides
economically, but collectively we have not accomplished much. (
Ujamaa - Cooperative Economics)

9.   The youths, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, babies, elders, and all our people are seeking betterment locally,
nationally, and internationally.   (
Nia. - Purpose)

10.   You can use your creativity to come up with ideas that will be beneficial to our people. You will also have the    
opportunity to take the leadership role in implementing these ideas. We are a very creative people but many of us
don't get an opportunity to use our creativity. (
Kuumba - Creativity)

11.   Seeing the daily results of our collective works and to know that united together, there is nothing that is impossible for
our people to do.  We have faith in each other, faith in our people, faith in the victory of our struggle and faith in our
Creator.  We are seeing the daily manifestations of our faith in
collective works.  (
Imani - faith)

12.   The Benefits of joining the Collective of our people are infinite and can not all be listed here because many
of the benefits are unforeseen at this time.  We know that the benefits of our people being united literally will
bring better living conditions for all African people than what exist now.
The Collective Black People Movement (CBPM)