Membership Department Goals and Responsibilities

The goals and Responsibilities of the Membership Department are as follows :

1.  To gather (unite), document, and organize the skills, talents, and intelligence (education) of Black (African) People
locally, nationally, and internationally by the means of the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) membership
application.  In order for an Individual, Family, Organization, or Business to be considered a member of the collective,
there must be a membership application completed by this Individual or group.  
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Overall Goal of CBPM Membership Department:
a.  1st level:                 1 member                                completed
b.  2nd level:                100 members                          completed
c.  3rd level:                 500 members                          completed
d.  4th level:                 1,000 members                       completed
e.  5th level:                 5,000 members                       still to come
f.  6th level:                 10,000 members                      still to come                
g.  7th level:                100,000 members                    still to come        
h.  8th level:                1 Million members                    still to come        
i.   9th level:                 40 Million members                 still to come        
j.  10th level:                2 Billion members                    still to come

2.   The Membership Department has to increase the number of members         in the Collective Black People Movement

3.   The Membership Department has to increase the number of members in all positive Black organizations.

4.   The Membership Department for the collective must work closely together with the Administration Department and other
departments of CBPM.

5.   A copy of each new member’s application must be sent to each new member along with a thank you letter.

6.   The Membership Department of our people must meet once a month to discuss, plan, Strategize, and implement the   
goals and responsibilities of a Membership Department for our.

7.   The Membership Department shall seek other black organization to be a member of the collective by matching the
other black organizations goals with the Department in the collective that is most similar.  (example:  NCOBRA)
a.  first to have this specific organization (NCOBRA) represent the collective
movement for Reparations of Black People in which they already do.
b.  then to recruit new members for the NCOBRA organization, therefore strengthening and supporting the efforts
of Reparations for our people by recruiting soldiers for this battle.

8.   The Membership Department must apply the principles of the creator, our Ancestors, and Kwanza in the Membership  
field.  Therefore, CBPM’s Membership Department goal is to create a membership system for our people in which the
CBPM’s membership application will serve as a generic membership application for all positive organizations that are
part of the collective.  Therefore there will be active recruitment in all Black (African) organizations by gathering soldiers
amongst our people who have the specific skill, talent, and intelligence (education).

9.   The Membership Department has to strengthen and upgrade all positive Black (African) organizations membership
system by assisting them in cleaning house and technological development in the form of an online membership system
for recruitment of new members.

10.   The Membership Department must seek out other positive black organizations for CBPM to join and be a member.

11.   Every positive African individual, family, organization, business, institution, and spirituality involved in Membership of  
Black (African) organizations must come together for the purpose of establishing a collective Membership System
for our people to strengthen all positive Black (African) organizations efficiently.

12.   The progress and development of the CBPM Membership Department, to gather, document, and organize our people’s
skills, talents, and intelligence, must be determined by the number of new members obtained daily, weekly,
monthly, and yearly.

13.   These goals and responsibilities are not complete and will have to adapt to changes of time and the growth of CBPM
with the influx of new members’ ideas.  
The Collective Black People Movement (CBPM)

in the Collective Black People Movement