Blast Off
Hello I'm Tafari and I am the
One of the Coordinators of
the Rocket Department.
"High Flying Rockets" are  
rockets that shoot off
hundreds of feet into the air.
Not only is it a fun its also
educational, and safe.
CBPM's 685th Member
Study Hard in School
because, yes, you can
be a Rocket scientist

Get your children
interested in Math and

Fun for the whole
family.... and Affordable

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Sponsored by the Collective Black People  Movement (CBPM)
Invite the CBPM,
with our Rocket
Program, to your
school, after
school program,
summer camp,
school, church,
community, birthday
party launches,
Coming Soon:
*  Rocket Classes

*  Buy your High Flying Rocket

*  Mathematics and Science
involved in the "High Flying

*  Schedule of Launches
around town

*  New features to "High Flying
- Lights for night flying
- Improvements on Design
Returns to earth safely,
mission complete
We have Lift Off
Look out for the CBPM
Space Shuttle
Upward Bound Students at Georgia State
University in Atlanta, Georgia 6-23-09
2009 Upward Bound  Pre-Calculus class, Georgia State University
Contact the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) to bring
the High Flying Rocket Program to your school...Enter
High Flying Rocket Video
Upward Bound Program, Georgia State University, Summer 2007

Rocket Man video made by Bro. Josh
If you can not see the video, download QuickTime Player.