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The Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) got our Start from the Culture Center, 361
Edgewood Ave., Atlanta, Georgia November 1995.  This is when we first started to gather our
people's Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education).  The Culture Center is the Home Base of
Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) and wherever our People are, we have to have a
Culture Center.  Its the African (Black) People's YMCA.

Members heard about the CBPM by the following Methods:

1. From other members, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, Inquired,  Grapevine,
Advertisement,  Fryers, Vibes, WRFG 89.3 FM, Faith, Ear to Ear, Divine Inspirations, Word of
Mouth, Picked up flyers at the Pati Stop on Edgewood Ave., Picked up flyers from the Kulture
House in the West End, Walk-in/Visiting the Culture Center, the Rastafari Community,

2.  From Attending the following functions held at the Culture Center,  
361Edgewood Ave. Downtown Atlanta:

a.        Meetings of the Nations of Gods and Earths  
b.        African Liberation Day Celebrations
c.        Poetry Shows
d.        Malcolm X Day Celebrations
e.        Ethiopian New Year Celebrations
f.         Juneteenth Celebrations
g.        Meetings of the Atlanta Rastafari Community (ARK)
h.        Marcus Garvey Day Celebrations
i.         Black History Month Celebrations
j.         Kwanzaa Celebrations
k.        And more…

Achieving our present members to the Collective Black People Movement was obtained by
Ayo-ola, Sister Hekat, Charles P,
Chinyelu, Cypress Brown, Ebis, Elijah, Jah Wes,  
Jahnana, JC Heru, Makeba, The late Moses Bay from Kenya, Malik Kalom, Muhamma Wali
Ras Marvin, Safiyah, Silence, Sister Dee, Sister Rose, Sister Nyl, and Telly,  

…Special Thanks to these people for the work that they have done for all of us in
beginning the process of uniting our  people from different black organizations,  
spiritualities, families, individuals, cities, states, and countries.  

…Special thanks also is due to
Sister Jaha, Papa O, Culture Mikey, Michael Cure, DJ Reality,
Tony Rankin, Ras Irate, Jawanza, The Dubman, Mr. Humble, Selector, Sister Peaches, Jr. Silk,
Sister Akiri, Iras Levi, Spanky Dread, Sister Wakelah, Sister Moses, the Cosmic Love Beat
Family, Ras Kofi, Sister Rashima, Sister Patricia, Mama Dread, Rodney, Shaka Winston, The
late Bongo Gabriel, Rick I, Fox,
Don, Tony, and Ken because without their support, input, and
contributions, the
CBPM would have not been possible.  Special thanks to the brothers and
sisters who gave support to the Culture Center, whose names are not mentioned, but your
goods works will stand forever.  The CBPM is livicated to
RAS REDDIE and all Black
Liberation Brothers and Sisters who has left us much to early.
Everywhere African
People are we have to
gather,document and
organize our people
Become a
of the
Dee Jay
Thanks Ras Irate for Creating the
Beautiful Murial at the Culture Centrer
Atlanta Dee
Champion for
Ujima - Collective Work
and Responsibility in
building The Culture
See all 7 principles of
Kwanzaa in Action at the
Culture Center
After practicing the Nguzo Saba
(Principles of Kwanzaa), the
Collective enjoys the fruits of
the Harvist.
Sponsored by the Collective Black People  Movement (CBPM)
Culture Center Videos:
1. History of Atlanta Reggae pt 2
Elijah & Tony Rankin
History of Atlanta Reggae pt 4
Happy Nappy & Tony Rankin
History of Atlanta Reggae pt 5
Happy Nappy & Tony Rankin
At the Culture Center
Cindy Simeon & Tony Rankin
5. Where are you going Dubman
Tony Rankin & Ras Marvin
Not Pretending/True Love
Tony Rankin & Champion
7. Praise Jah - Tony Rankin
History of Atlanta Reggae Pt. 2
Tony Rankin and Elijah
Coming Next:  Music and Videos from the Culture Center...Stay Tuned.
The 18 year History of the CBPM
from the Culture Center (1995) to 2013
CBPM Conference Listen
CBPM Conference Call
Sunday, June 6th, 2010
The New CBPM Economic Plan
The first online
presence of the
This is the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) first website.  Thanks Angel Fire and
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