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Sponsered by the Collective Black People  Movement (CBPM)
Senghor Jawara Baye:
The 9th successor to Marcus Garvey and
serving as the 10th President General
elected in August, 2008 to a four year term.
I am very pleased and interested to see
this collective grow, expand and succeed...
As the UNIA-ACL continues to re-structure
we will be looking into to how we can
interface, support, and share your CBPM
network with others both within the global
UNIA-ACL government and confraternity
and with Africans at home and abroad.  
You Mighty Race We Can Accomplish
What We Will!         
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Senghor Jawara Baye
CBPM Advisor:
Hon. Senghor Jawara Baye,
President General
Inspiration & Motivational Speaker
Community Activist Organizer
Harambee Radio Talk Show Host  
Health Practitioner/Therapist/Visionary
Roles and Responsibilities of the Collective Black
People Movement (CBPM) Advisory Boards
CBPM Advisor Structure:    
There shall be a minimum of duplication of efforts in the working to
establish a Collective - African People Governmental Structure for
African People.

Therefore, the Collective must seek out other African Organizations
and Individuals locally, nationally, and internationally who have
been working within and on the Establishment of an African
Governmental System for our people and combine these forces
into a Collective force fighting for the same cause.  

The Collective Black People Movement structure is an African
Engineering Design and Creation.  There shall always be a
minimum of one Engineer on the Collective Advisory Board,
nationally and internationally, to ensure that the Collective always
functions as efficiently as possible

1.  You must be a Pan-Africanist and is concern with the well being
of all African People Worldwide.
2.  The acceptance that a Collective Solution is always the best
approach for African People to resolve the problems we face in all
areas of life.
3.  The recognition that amongst African People and Africa, we have
all the skills, talents, and intelligence (education), plus resources
necessary to uplift our people through doing works.  “Up you might
Race, We Can Accomplish What We Will”
4.   A realization that the gathering, documenting, and organizing
black people are necessary steps required in Nation Building.
5.  The Promotion of the Functional Unity System (www.10-10-50.
org) amongst all Black People.
Duties of Care and Loyalty

Board members, while carrying out their governance function, act
as fiduciaries (persons to whom property or power is entrusted for
the benefit of another) on the organization's behalf. This role
subjects directors to two obligations: the Duty of Care, and the
Duty of Loyalty.
•        The Duty of Care requires that directors act in a reasonable
and informed manner, using the same degree of care as a
prudent person in a like position would believe appropriate under
similar circumstances.
•        The Duty of Loyalty requires that directors place the
organization's interest above their own personal interests.
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The most powerful
politician in the
is  Black.
The head of the
Committee is
Black .
The best known
media mogul on
earth is Black .
The greatest
golfer in
the world is Black.
The top female
players in the world
are Black.
The highest
grossing actor
worldwide is Black .
The fastest racing
driver in the world
is Black .
The brightest
the sun is Black.
Head Coach is
The most
successful brain
surgeon in the
world is Black .
The fastest human
on the planet is
Black .
We will miss you
Michael Jackson.
"Black is In"
Have a Great Day

No Unity, No Power!
No Power, No Victory!

African Community
Centers for Unity and
Self-Determination, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia
CBPM Advisor:
Rev. Dr. Edonna Alexandria
Mbale, Uganda:


Provides Training in
Entrepreneurship: Our training
methodology uses ‘Learning By
Doing and Earning’ as a
framework for providing an
experiential adult-centered

The curriculum is based on six
educational pillars:
1. Learning to Be
2. Learning to Live Together
3. Learning to Know
4. Learning to Do
5. Learning to Lead
6. Learning to Earn
Okpara Heru Nosakhere:
We are educators who are
willing and able to work with
organizations dedicated to
uplifting and educating people
Afrikan descent. Our mission is
to raise the consciousness of
the Afrikan community in order
to continue the course of
self-determination, economic
development and a legacy of

Okpara Nosakhere - Fine Art
Okpara Heru Nosakhere
Kansas City, Missouri
CBPM Advisor:
CBPM Advisor:
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the collective possible
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His Imperial Majesty Emperor
Haile Selassie I
King of Kings, Lord of Lords,
Conquering Lion of Judah
Crowned November 2nd, 1930
Addis Abba, Ethiopia
Dr. Maula Karenga
Malcolm X
Nelson Mandela
Prof. Amiri Baraka
Muhammad Ali
Minister Louis
Bob Marley
Mumia Abu-Jamal
Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr.
Nat Turner
Hariett Tubman
Fredrick Douglass
Empress Menin.
Rosa Parks
Rev. Al Sharpton
Oprah Winfrey
Rev. Jesse
Professor Ernest Dube
Ruby Dee
President Barack
Many More Not Mentioned...