What Our People Are Doing
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3.  Why should I have
my information listed
in the database?
a. This is another way you can get what
you are doing out to the Black Community
b. You can promote what you are doing to
the Black Community.
c. You will be involved in organizing "What
our People are Doing?"
d. You will be promoting Umoja (Unity)
amongst our People.
e.  If you are not part of the solution, then
you are part of the problem.
f.  You will be able to get "What you are
doing" to a nationwide audience of
brothers and
sisters who are interested in your activities,
through the PSU/10-10-50 Network.
4.  Why is CBPM gathering "What Our People are Doing?"
a.  CBPM represents the Collective of Black (African) People, made up of Brothers and Sisters from all different
organizations, spiritualities, businesses, and individuals.  CBPM knows that the solution for making things better
for Black People is amongst
us.  Therefore in order to move forward, as a people, we first need to know what we are working with.
b. The talents, skills, and Intelligence (Education) of Black People is the number one
resource that we have to make things better for Black People.
c.  In order for us to be a free and independent people, no other group of people should
have more information on Black People than we have on ourselves.
d.  Black People wants to support Black business and Organizations, but we don't know
who is doing what beyond our own circles.  CBPM has created "What our People are
Doing?" to aid and assist our people in knowing what each other is doing.
e.  The information gathered for "What our People are Doing?" will be accessible to the
Black Community. (Individuals listing and info will not be available for anyone.)
f.   Gathering, Documenting, and Organizing "What our People are Doing?" is part of the
mission of CBPM.
g.   Anything Black People do, we should have the momentum of our people behind us.  
CBPM is gathering and harnesting the momentum of our People for our people.
h.   We are in the information age.  Knowledge is power.  Those who have the Information
have the Power.  CBPM is gathering the information that is going to in-power us all.
i.   CBPM is taking a Black census that is available to all of us instead of other people
taking a census on black people and we don't have access to that information.
5.  How do I participate in gathering, documenting, and
organizing the information of "What Our People are   
Doing?" in my area and state or country?
a.  Complete the following and send to CBPM, so that we can send you the forms you
need to begin documenting "What our People are Doing?"
b.  Start collecting Brothers and Sisters business cards.
c.  Document important contact information of Brothers and Sisters that you come
across either from listening to the radio, watching TV, going to a gathering, going to a
function, or by word of mouth.
d.  Document what people are saying about issues concerning Black People, whether
they are for us or against us.
e.  Document Jobs that are available for our people and people that needs jobs and their
f.  Document interviews of Brothers and Sisters that are doing important works for black
people so that the information they are sharing will be available for us all.
g.  You should not change your daily path and activities in gathering "What our People
are Doing?". Gathering the information should be done in your normal cycle of life,
therefore you will be operating efficiently.
h. Listen to the state by state, PSU/10-10-50 Nationwide Network, every Wednesday night
9pm-11:00pm, by calling 712-451-6100 (enter pin 917325#), to get and give an update
on each states effort of practicing 10-10-50 amongst us and on the progress of
documenting "What our People are Doing?". Set cell phone alarm for 9pm on Wednes.
6.  What information is included in the CBPM "What our  
People are Doing?" database?
a. Date of Contact
b. Name of Contact
c. Name of Organization, Business, or Individual.
d. Type of Organization or Business.
e. Where heard the Contact from?
f.  Mission of the Contact.
g. What kind of support is needed by the contact.
h. Is the contact a member of the collective?
i.  Mailing Address of Contact: City, State, and Country
j.  Email and Website address of Contact.
k. Contact Phone Numbers.
l.  Referrals made to this Contact and the date.
Did you know that the CBPM database of "What our People are Doing"
contains 4,150 entries totaling 166,000 data cells of information.
You need Java to see this applet.
"No other people should
have more information
on Black People, than
Black People have on
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Imani (Faith)
Be a part of the Collective
and practice Kwanzaa
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Instruction on how to use database is Below
1.  About:  "What Our
People Doing"
1.  How do I get my
information listed in "What
Our People are Doing?"
2.  How to use the "What
Our People are Doing?"
3.  Why should I have my
information listed in the
4.  Why is CBPM gathering
"What Our People are
5.  How do I participate in
gathering the information
of "What Our People  
are Doing?" in my area
and state or country?
6.  What information is
included in the CBPM
7.  How do I edit my
information in the
8.  How do I delete my
information from the
2.  How to use
"What Our
People are
A.  Search by topic:
1.  The information listed
in "What Our People are
database is listed
alphabetically by topic.
2.  You can move down
the topic column with the
arrow keys or page
down/up controls on your
computer Keyboard to
find the topic you are
looking for.
Search by Computer:
1.  To search by computer
go to the menu bar and
select the edit menu.
2.  Under edit, select the
option find.
3.  Enter the topic you are
searching for, then select
find next or find all for
that topic listing.
"What Our People are Doing" Click here and find out.
What Our People are Doing? Click here and find out.