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Certified Natural
Natural medicine surrounded her home and was a
large part of Julissa Hernandez-Guzman’s childhood.
Her mother, a naturopath, felt she could help others
through herbal healing. Seeing the positive results so
many experienced with her mother’s help and
knowledge led her to seek her certification as a
Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) from
The National Association of Certified Natural Health
Professionals and her degree in Naturopathy from
Trinity College of Natural Health and awarded the
designation of Doctor of Naturopathy.

Julissa focuses helping her patients and clients feel
happy, healthy, and whole as a person. They are
viewed as individual persons, and not as diseases.
An individualized treatment is created for each
person, according to their specific physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual symptoms. And she
emphasizes patient education, empowerment, and
control in their healing process.

A rewarding career as a leader in natural health has taken
Julissa to becoming a prolific educator, international
speaker and teacher of Natural Medicine. .

Julissa is in demand by the media and has appeared
weekly on Ch. 47 Telemundo on a health segment on
LUDA (Latinos Unidos de America; fluent in English and
Spanish, she is a principle speaker and natural health
teacher nationally and internationally for Nature’s
Sunshine Products at their national conventions,
conferences, annual regional meetings, and having
achieved the title with Nature’s Sunshine in 2009 as the
youngest US female National Manager; she has held
natural health workshops in Rutgers University in New
Brunswick, Columbia University and New York University;
she has been a special guest for many years on the
nationally syndicated radio show, "The Michael Baisden
Show"; The Daily News -Hora Hispana interviewed her on
her work with Infertility and her patients were also
interviewed with their testimonies; Ch. 35 Super Canal
Caribe has interviewed her various times on “El Show de
Minerva”; she holds meetings, herbal hours and health
workshops in churches, public, private and charter
schools; and she has written health articles for the New
York paper, El Especialito. Currently, she is expanding her
knowledge to the masses through Live webinars able to
be accessed internationally on the internet, provides daily
natural health tips provided through Facebook, Twitter
and Michael Baisden’s own Mingle City sites, teaches
classes in on Natural Health and TCM (Traditional
Chinese Medicine), is writing her first book focusing on
balance and wellbeing, and still sees patients in her New
York City office.

Today, Julissa feels this is just the beginning. With all that
she has achieved she still feels there is so much more to
come, thankful that she is doing something she feels so
passionate about. “I am so grateful to have the
opportunity to bring knowledge and help so many with
their healing through herbal and natural medicine. I see
the opportunity to show others they have an alternative
choice when it comes to their health, that the body knows
how to heal itself and that healing can occur when it is fed
good food and herbal formulas. That no longer do they
need to be convinced to be well, but that they can Decide
to Be Well.”

Ultimately, Julissa’s mission is to do everything in her
power to help all those willing to achieve optimum health
and balance, naturally. Her practice is comprised of
naturopathy, holistic medicine, scelerology, herbology and
iridology. She is a holistic iridologist and a Charter
Member of The International College of Iridology.

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