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Sponsored by the Collective Black People  Movement (CBPM)
Poetic Privelage is in the
business of  suppling framed
poetry accompanied by various
pieces of visual art.

These products make excellent
decorations for home or office settings.

The poetry is all written by Xavier
Smith aka "Rymesceme" Who is also
an artist under the poetic privelage
music division.

Poetic Privelage will personally
deliver orders to location by
request.  The music division can
also be booked for any event for a
small flat rate.

The musical genre represented
by Poetic Privelage include but
are not limited to; hip hop, r&b,
alternative, and dance.  Poetic
Privelage artist may also be
booked for spoken word
Poetic Privelage's Featured Artist:
Upcoming Release: "City lights & Poetry hosted by DJ
Citysmoke" available in
March 2009

Full album release available April 2009

Contacts: Get your copy early here: rymesceme@live.com

Upcoming Performances: Every Monday night @ club crucial located on
Bankhead Hwy, Atlanta, GA. Or the Black Lion located on Auburn Ave., Atlanta, GA.

Upcoming DVD: "City Lights" available April 2009

Poetic justiss clothing launch also in April 2009

For studio time, features, beats, or booking contact rymesceme via
e-mail at rymesceme@live.com

View and comment on rymesceme's videos
at www.youtube.com search: life

View Poetry from Poetic Privelage at www.poetry.com search Xavier A. Smith.

For a personal sample viewing of framed poetry: by poetic privelage, or
if you would like to purchase framed poetry or music from Poetic Privelage contact
rymesceme via e-mail at rymesceme@live.com or darelesceme@yahoo.com
Success is not measured by the amount aquired, success is measured by
the obstacles overcome along the way.  Remain Blessed,
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