Reggae in Thailand? Yes Siam!!!!!!

10,000 miles from Montego Bay, 8,000 miles from NYC, in the land of Budda, Temples, Unlimited night life, Coups, Tsunamis, and Uncontested Natural
Beauty is the Land of Thailand.  I have been traveling to Thailand for the past 6 years and have seen the insurgence of the Reggae Beat pounding its
way to various cities, towns, clubs, and homes of the Thai People.  From Bangkok to Chang Mai, From Buriram to Rayong, from Phuket to Koh Samui,
reggae is now one of the most Popular music being heard in Thailand.

You will always hear cover tunes of UB40, The Clash, Bob Marley, Shaggy, Sean Paul and TKO playing in many if not all the Bars, Clubs, and Discos. In
Go Go Bars, lovely Thai Honey's resembling human cobras dancing to Dance Hall Riddims.

Even the Thai Musicians their own similar Roots Riddims and music of the Local ghetto people in their "Carabao" Music e.g.…AD Carabao. (The Thai
Bob Marley).
Roots Reggae Club
Club 420
KaoSan Reggae Bar
Thai Sound Systems
Gazebo Bar
808 Bangkok
The Bangkok Massive Sound System - Promoting the sound of Roots Reggae & Dub in Thailand & South East Asia

The Bangkok Massive Sound System is on a mission to spread the sound of original roots reggae throughout Thailand and South-East Asia. Watch this
space to check out our tunes and gig dates. You can also contact us if you need a crew for your club, party or other bashment.

People involved in the Reggae Movement
1.WiseBoy - I hope somebody can help our cause.  We've been trying to move reggae in Thailand since 1999.   All we do is about Reggae and moving
Reggae in Thailand is not an easy task.  Now we have small reggae businesses, clothing line and CD's.  ROOTS REGGAE CLUB, Reggae Wear, Reggae
Connections, Culture, Archives, music download... from Thailand ROOTS REGGAE HOUSE, Reggae Guesthouse in Rayong, Thailand and travel info,
culture, pictures...


45 thieves
Bangkok Massive
The Oracle the Bangkok Rocker
Natural Mystic
Peter Murder Tone
Kaijo Brothers
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Koh Samui,

The popular Reggae Pub in Chaweng, noted for its logo which shows the face of Bob Marley. Reggae music (what else) is the fixture here and a live
band leads you to wild dancing.

Reggae Pub - Koh Samui, Thailand
Pattaya Music Festival
Chiang Mai
Thailand Music Festivals
Bangkok, Pattaya
Live Reggae Bands
Kai-jo Brothers-Roots Reggae

The Reggae scene is very small in Thailand, but the Kai-jo Brothers released a fine album earlier this year. Check out their earlier, less rootsy, works
Ad Carabao-Roots
T Bone-Ska
Bangkok Reggae Artist
John Z
International Reggae Artist That Have Performed in Thailand
Lorielle from Pacific International-Hawaii's KTUH Radio          
Tony Rankin Winn-Rankin Media, Easy Star-New York
Mad Professor:
Lover's Rock with Mad Professor on Valentine's Day at Q BAR 2 – 0 – 0 – 6

Dub music came from Jamaica; it branched out of Reggae in the 70's. Think King Tubby, Lee "Scratch" Perry and the more familiar name, Mad
Professor!!! Dub's uniqueness would be adventurous approach in sound processing of existing sound.  Reggae is like original cut record but Dub is more
like alternative version of that.  You can say basic remixing.  The use of crazy echo and reverb effects are heavily applied in Dub music. The pioneer will
strip down the whole track, leave the main vocal behind and concentrate more on the rhythm n Bass section. Boom it out into the local sound system, real
time manipulation plus 1 or 2 toasters (MC, rapper) on top to keep the crowd moving. Come on my selector!!!

Thailand got none of true Dub n Reggae vibe except crews like T–Bone or Dub Brainner, but it sure stays underground, influencing other music styles.
Occasionally, pony local artist releases, "commercial shit – interpretations" of Dub and Reggae then claims it under the genre. Anyway as long as there is
love, life, sweat, breathes within music, its fine. Once Mad Professor decided to spread his love all over Q BAR Bangkok on Valentine's Day 2 – 0 – 0 – 6
, all the Dub lovers realized that this was the first time ever for Bangkok to experience the master himself. So everyone was ready to dub it up all the

It was great, witnessed him doing his things in close up. There was no boundary between the crowd, the selector and the two young MCs. It was up close
and personal.

The"One Love" to all. Love comes when you least expect it and so does Mad Professor's love transportation through Dub. That night it came quietly with
a cheerful, "Sawaddee Krupppp" intro. Super cool attitude and the train of beats went on. Look closer and realized that his setup was weird, one big 16
track mixer with effect racks by his side. He picked original cuts of his own Ariwa's brew and mixed in real time. Magical voodoo skills on the mixing desk,
space delayed vocal samples was everywhere, infinite snare rushes at super laid back sprayed all over the dance floor. Mad Professor simply froze time
and speeded up our heartbeat up to the same tempo with his warm creamy sunshine coconut tracks… damn. The set progressed from typical dub tunes
into twisted beat and meaner bass line. The crowd loved it and responded positively throughout the night. Two MCs behind the Dj booth were throwing
some raps over the track. Toward the end it was so obvious no one wanted to stop dancing but the end was the new beginning for all. The night was
over. All in all, the night took us much deeper than we thought. We came out into the real world and didn't wanna stop, so we went and finished it
ourselves at our secret spot near Jamaica. Peace n Love Yo!!! Full ten points for everybody who took part.
Bangkok, Thailand
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