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Public Release Statement                                                           21 October, 2011.


Not satisfied with the mayhem, mass extermination of people of the so-called third world and forceful re-
colonisation of their land including seizure of their natural resources as is being seen in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq
among other developing countries, the United States has finalized plans to effect another murderous ‘regime
change’ in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela by any means necessary.

Counting on media reports on His Excellency President Hugo Chavez’s health problems, the United States is
already in a jubilant mood about the imminent ‘passing away’ of the revolutionary ruler as spelt out in a paper
written by former US envoy to  the Organization of American States (OAS) Roger Noriega.

This paper titled “U.S. Must Prepare for a World without Hugo Chavez” claims that the charismatic Venezuelan leader has lost his grip
on Venezuela, the country's current regime is doomed, and the struggle over the post-Chavez Venezuela is already raging. This
so-called ambassador therefore urged the Venezuelan opposition to start compiling a program that will detail how to transform the
country “from dictatorship to democracy” thereby sending a signal that H.E Chavez was not properly elected through the ballot box.

Using the coalition of opposition forces called Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (Coalition for Democratic Unity, MUD) the US believes this new
name will not evoke memories of the bloc's predecessor - the Democratic Coordination which in 2001-2004, and under the supervision of the
CIA, the US Defense Intelligence Agency, and the US Department of State, made several unsuccessful attempts on both H.E. Chavez’s life as
well as regularly instigating military coups against him.

Unfortunately for the so-called MUD, the majority of Venezuelans who were previously socially and economically marginalized cannot forget
the murderous past of these lackeys of the Obama White House no matter how loudly the leaders sound their trumpets to pledge unalloyed
allegiance to democracy. However time does not seem to be on their side considering that elections are slated for October 7, 2012.

The opinion polls too have not been charitable to the opposition as the pollsters have given H. E. Chavez 55%-60% of the votes cast as he
stands against such challengers as Miranda State Governor Henrique Capriles Radonski, National Assembly member María Corina Machado,
Zulia State Governor Pablo Pérez, capital city Governor Alcalde Antonio Ledesma, etc.

For such a motley collection as MUD desperate to assume headship of the Bolivarian nation, even agreeing to a consensus candidate by
February, 2011 will not be easy considering that the membership and leadership of MUD are authoritarian, egoistic, uncooperative figures
more interested in preserving their bourgeois lifestyles than working in the interest of the people of Venezuela. This weakness among the
opposition figures has always been cited by US diplomats and spies as the reason behind their chronic inefficiency in their plan to remove H.
E. Chavez from power.

White House is however undaunted as it has put in place a broad plan to help the opposition rise to power. They involve an important
“cosmetic” component that will present the bunch of failures as a credible opposition force representing the whole of Venezuelan population
through the appropriation of slogans long associated with the Bolivarian Republic and convincing the people that, if instated, the opposition
would maintain the same social programs while using the oil revenues with greater efficiency.

These promises have not cut ice with the people who somehow could see through the smokescreen being thrown around them by a coalition
like MUD which is run by a bunch of neoliberals. A cursory look at the MUD leadership reveals a pitiful coalition led by a Prof. Ramon
Guillermo Aveledo, foreign policy specialist and a member of the Copei – Social Christian Party of Venezuela leadership, is in charge of
organizing the opposition's campaign. Aveledo was elected to the parliament three times, served as a secretary to president Luis Herrera
Campins, and authored over a dozen of books including one about 20th century dictators. In this monumental book he committed sacrilege
by including in his own rogues’ gallery the illustrious disciple of Simon Bolivar and Jose Marti, Fidel Castro Ruz , along with Adolf Hitler,
Benito Mussolini, Josef Stalin, Francisco Franco, and Mao Zedong. This man who does not understand historical polemics and the heroes
of the struggle to free the third world from the shackles of slavery and neo-colonialism now leads the front to distort history. Consistently
Aveledo and his closest associates assist US sponsors in pouring money into MUD and staying in touch with Venezuela's cunning and
active fifth column – the group of covert opposition members holding posts in key Venezuelan institutions.

But Venezuelans have not been blind to the monumental and enormous socio-economic benefits they have enjoyed under H.E. Chavez’s
government and they also know from experience that the neo-liberal reforms that MUD wants to implement is nothing but akin to the passing
of a death sentence on the whole of Venezuelan society. They know what awaits them in the unlikely event that the opposition wins is a
predatory dictatorship to be implemented by the disgraced oligarchs, a shutdown of industrialization and agriculture modernization programs,
and step-by-step cuts of the government support for free education and housing all in the name of using state resources judiciously.
Definitely Venezuelans will mount resistance to the closure of social programs which they are already used to. MUD’s reaction will be to make
the army and the police prop up the regime by repressive means. MUD will surely subject the army and the police to ideologically motivated
purges and expel from them whoever would be suspected of holding socialist or populist views.

Even with overt and covert support from the White House, MUD knows it will not be an easy task to remove the Bolivarian leader therefore a
PLAN B has been put in place. This will involve creating a chaotic situation to ensure the election does not hold and use that as a pretext to
call on the US to intervene to ‘restore democracy.’ In this framework, there will be an outcry over alleged rigging in opposition-controlled
media, and radical groups schooled in street unrest will, along with former AUC guerrillas, some student organizations and retired officers to
create fear and panic to destabilize the country.

However Chavez has faced that situation before and regularly speaks of the events of April, 2002 when the White House, the Pentagon, and
the US and European far-right faced a spectacular failure as the nation rose against the coup and threw its support behind Venezuela's
legitimate president, and says that another attack may come a decade after the events.

But MUD has not learned from the previous spectacular failures as it regularly asks for financial and other assistance to help them in
Venezuela's “transition.” Chavez has condemned this unbridled act of soliciting funds from external sources to overthrow legitimately elected
governments as utmost servility and an undisguised violation of the Venezuelan constitution but in the same warned that the Libyan scenario
would not happen in Venezuela.

Already the MUD experts have drafted “a transition period law” defining the obligations and authority of president-elect in the interregnum
between the finalization of ballot count and the inauguration. Pro-Chavez parliamentarians in the National Assembly criticized the piece of
legislation as a MUD bid to intercept influence over Venezuela's political course on the eve of the inauguration, but MUD interpreted the very
openness of the Chavists to polemic as evidence that they lacked confidence in the incumbent's reelection.

A MUD candidate's victory would mark the neoliberals' comeback in Venezuela and become a prologue to the dismantling of the
socioeconomic gains Chavez's regime has made on record. From then on Venezuela's foreign policies will make a U-turn and slavishly parrot
US comments, withdraw from ALBA, subject the Petro-Caribe agreement to revision, and dump its ambitious plans for international financial
assistance. Venezuela would reverse its symbiotic transactions with Cuba in the energy sphere to an ideologically neutral, purely commercial
mode, thereby crippling the economy of the latter. Caracas would be forced out of its military-technical cooperation with Russia. Cooperation
with Brazil will however continue since cultivating the economies of the Bolívar and Amazonas states simply has to be Venezuela's priority
while the privatization of the country's oil reserves will be put back on Venezuela's economic agenda.

That is the agenda of the White House which has been swallowed line, hook, sinker and bait by MUD as that anti-Bolivarian coalition
continues on its death march into historical obscurity and ultimate oblivion. Many have stood against the reforms but could not stem the tide
as the wave of the peoples’ determination to free themselves from US-led neocolonialism swept them away. So shall it be with this latter day

Long live H.E Hugo Chavez,

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution


Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh

President of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and |Solidarity (HCI-FPFS)
'Chavez: US Weapon
Test Caused Earthquake'
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