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Our History
Founded in March 2000 by Reverend Siegfried White in Atlanta, Georgia,
Concerned Dads Incorporated has sought to improve the quality of life for
single fathers and families living in the metropolitan Atlanta.  Over the years,
Concerned Dads Inc. has provided information necessary to fulfill the needs
of individuals, families and communities experiencing difficult situations.
Through the provision of health education initiatives, outreach and training
sessions, and linkage to support services, CDI has been a success. We have
endeavored to improve the stead of fathers, families and their community.  
The organization has developed extensive networks and collaborates with
other community based organizations and services providers in order to
enhance our ability to assist those in need.  Our programs and initiatives are
designed to educate, empower and support fathers  throughout the
Metropolitan Atlanta area.  

Concerned Dads Incorporated
to provide programs for dads
who have address unpredictable
change in their economical,
educational and/or vocational
status. CDI is concerned with
the disenfranchised fathers of
our communities. We will work
with dads and their families to
provide them on job readiness
skills, life skills, and social skills..

Programs and activities are
available to these individuals.
Job training and economic
empowerment initiatives will
enhance the abilities of these
parents, and help them to obtain
financial independence and

CDI's objective is to support and
promote the overall health and
well-being of fathers, their
families and their communities.
Fathers with a Cause
Siegfried D. White,

Our mission is to effectively enhance
the lives of single fathers and their
families. We are committed to
excellence and enlightenment of the
men in our community. Concerned
Dads, Inc. plans to engage  the
various organizations who are also
committed to the community. We
promote financial and educational
stability through workshops and other
events. Most importantly, we strive to
provide as much information as
possible to our community of fathers.
Rev. White
Concerned Dads Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia
CBPM's 593rd Member


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