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Building a Black Community
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My goal is to reach $25k so i can
put down the basic essentials on
this raw land.I need to clear the
land, I need to put in wells, put in
a power poll, lay piping so we
can have running clean water,
wire the land for electricity.
I purchased Ten acres of land in
Georgia. I am trying to build a black
community on this land. The land is
about 20 miles outside of
sandersville GA. I want to house 10
black families on this land and build
farms so we can grow,eat, and sell
our own food.
I want to build a school on this land so we
can educate our own kids. I want to build
a clinic, store, barracks, and eventually
our own credit union.

The plan is to separate from this
devils society and build our own. We
need a reset button, a place we can
start to reclaim and regain what was
taken from us. A safe place that we
can get back in touch with who we
really are. I call this place Alkebulan.
Jeshiem Al-Amin
Building a Black
Sandersville, Georgia
CBPM's 1,698th Member

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