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Coming from the bottom to the top ranks for centuries upon centuries; and by
black empowerment. I do not mean the facade of power that has been
corrupted and spewed across media with this new age rap music that is being
controlled by the evil Zionists. I mean real power. I mean knowledge of self. I
mean the knowledge of your own heritage and your Ancestors. I mean
reparations for people who have been broken over the years. Reparations for
a people who weren't left that all American legacy promises even though our
ancestors built this so called American dream.

It's time to even out the playing fields. Evil have to be brought down! This war
machine has to be stopped by all means because of the amount of deaths it
is causing everyday!

Call us the new age Panthers. Call us radicals! But one thing you'll never call
us is coward! We're prepared to give our all for our black communities and
black people worldwide! If all Black People have the same enemy, blacks are
going to be delivered from the worst suffrage from the oppressor. Who do
you think is going to fight the hardest to destroy the oppressor?

Either get down with us, or get bound in cuffs! It's Your choice! But if you're
Black and you're proud and/or you believe in true black liberation,
join your
community in the fight by becoming a member of the Collective Black People
Movement (CBPM) USA!

Explore our website at www.cbpm.org and
The Killuminati
As a black person living in the world, let alone the so
called United States, it is a fact that 9 out of every 10
of our people are underprivileged, dis-informed,
mistreated, misguided, and set up for failure and we
are tired of it. Black people built this nation and we
deserve more, but we aren't being given it or even
given a fair shot to get it. We give this country enough
of our time. Now it's time to take what's ours! Black
freedom and Black power! But only as a Collective
Black People Movement (CBPM) can we do that!

Our mission is not to divide blacks from the other nationalities of
this nation but its to empower blacks and educate them on the
deception that's been going on for centuries in this country and is
still going on today. In the midst of empowering black people in
America and across the world if non black people start picking up
on the deception that is going on globally support the Collective
Black People Movement (CBPM) in this fight. Then we can beat this
war machine together with truths and righteousness!

But blacks in this entire world remain on the farthest losing end of
the stick and at the bottom of the barrel and I'll be damned if I
helped another man's people before I help my own people! Now, we
as the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) and the
Killuminati desire is to create racial empowerment amongst the
Black race that has been torn down!