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Keith Anderson
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Bluefield, West Virginia
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ASC ( is an organization I
conceived and am developing designed to
serve as the umbrella organization for
various enterprises that will allow the global
populace to prosper from their efforts and
talents while also allowing others to benefit
from their efforts as well while patronizing
those said efforts and talents.
Ad Spread Collective (ASC) serves
as the umbrella organization for
various enterprises--future and
developing--engineered to allow
entrepreneurs and the global
populace in general to mutually
benefit from economic endeavors.
CentList: Marketing/Networking site with very cheap
listing fees (subsidized by sponsorship advertising)
allowing members to increase their visibility in
proportion to charity donations, new members they
bring in, and that places emphasis on supporting green
and Fair Trade commerce. Green Product Fund (GPF):
Auction site where green and Fair Trade goods are
offered at starting bids of only one cent. Would also be
subsidized by sponsorship advertising. Pay College
Athletes Association (PCAA): Will fight for the right of
the people to pay college athletes equally according to
popularity of sport and division. 3D Devotions: Craft
products, unique and original--found nowhere else on
I, Keith B. Anderson, am a brotha on a mission to end Black
subjugation by industrializing the Black race. When we
possess and control facilities of production, only then can
we amass the wealth and autonomy to sustain/elevate our
livelihoods and dictate our own course of existence. I
manufacture products (shown below—more also available)
with the intention of selling them to raise capital to fund my
plans to give our people a manufacturing base. These are
those available at and are wood-based
crafts that don’t require sophisticated production
equipment and would thusly serve as a great initial product-
line. And...far as I know, NO ONE ELSE in the world is
making these exact types of items. (More models and
designs for various products are currently in development.)
I’m also seeking Black investors interested in helping me
develop 3D Devotions.
*Contact to buy or inquire about all
(*For a DISCOUNT, use subject: “3D1 3DDevotions”—“3D1
Book Sale” for Semisocialism book.)