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A Mentality, A Movement

To make Black Power a living reality
in the lives of our people.
Black-Empowerment is: A mentality, a
Movement; a dedicated group of trained and
skilled Liberators and Nation Builders; a
network and coalition of qualified leaders and
organizations; a way of life.
Black-Empowerment consists of persons and
groups who are firmly committed to the
complete Liberation of Black and African
Peoples. Black-Empowerment consists of
organization leaders who have dedicated to
unite for a productive common cause.
Black-Empowerment is a local,
national and worldwide concept
and way of life open to all our
people, wherever they are.
Black-Empowerment was founded to bring
the fulfillment of the vision of:
1. The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, and his
economic policies and his desires to build a mass
Movement worldwide
2. The Economic Program and Nation Building
program of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
3. The human rights and Black Nationalist principles
articulated by Minister Malcolm X and
4. The Liberation aims and objectives of Minister
Khallid Abdul Muhammad
Black Men’s Conference Focuses on
Strategy, Empowerment...
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Black Empowerment Features:
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3. Black Empowerment Pole           3. Black Empowerment Radio