Ladies Night:
Is Costa Rica ready for a female president?
Two women may be their parties’ candidates
for president in 2010.
Epsy Campbell Aiming for Highest Office in Costa Rica

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — Next year could bring a historic face-
off between women aspiring to succeed Oscar Arias as Costa
Rica’s president.
Laura Chinchilla and Epsy Campbell are shaping up to be fierce
competitors for their respective parties’ nominations in the February
2010 elections. Should either win the presidency, it would mark the first
time that a woman has held Costa Rica’s highest office.
The election could also be historically significant in other ways. This
year marks the 60th anniversary of women’s suffrage here. And if
Campbell’s Citizen Action Party (PAC) picks her to run, she would
become the country’s first black candidate from one of the leading
parties. Continue Reading »
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