Abu-Jamal’s lawyers given two
more weeks to file for
rehearing on new trial plea


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
yesterday granted a two-week extension for
lawyers for death row inmate Mumia Abu
Jamal to file a petition for a rehearing on his
effort to get a new trial.

Abu-Jamal was convicted in 1982 of the
murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel
Faulkner and sentenced to death. In late
March, a three-judge panel of the Third Circuit
affirmed Abu-Jamal's conviction but vacated
the death sentence. The court said Abu-Jamal
should be sentenced to life in prison or get a
chance to persuade a new Philadelphia jury
that he deserves a life sentence rather than

Defense lawyer Robert R. Bryan of San
Francisco intends to seek a rehearing before
the court on his contention that Abu-Jamal
deserves a new trial, or at least a hearing on
his argument that some blacks were
intentionally excluded from his jury.

The court said the new filing deadline is June
10. Inquirer Staff

Efficiently and Methodically
Framed--Mumia is innocent!

That is the conclusion of a new book     on the
case of former Black Panther, and
internationally-known political prisoner, Mumia
Abu-Jamal, who has now spent over a quarter
of a century on death row for a crime he didn't
commit.  The book is, THE FRAMING OF
MUMIA ABU-JAMAL, by J Patrick O'Connor
(Lawrence Hill Books 2008).  The author is a
former UPI reporter who took an interest in
Mumia's case.  He is now the editor of Crime
Magazine (www.crimemagazine.com).

O'Connor offers a fresh perspective, and
delivers a clear and convincing breakdown on
perhaps the most notorious frame-up since
Sacco and Vanzetti.  This is a case not just of
police corruption, or a racist lynching, though
it is both.  The courts are in this just as deep
as the cops, and it reaches to the top of the
equally corrupt political system.

"This book is the first to convincingly show how
the Philadelphia Police Department and
District Attorney's Office efficiently and
methodically framed [Mumia Abu-Jamal]."
(from the book jacket)

The Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia
Abu-Jamal (LAC) wants to alert you to this
important new work.  THE FRAMING OF
MUMIA ABU-JAMAL is in bookstores now, at
$16.95. but a little research in the SF Bay
Area suggests that it may be hard to find.
Contact the Labor Action Committee if you
can't find it.  We have a limited number
ordered from the publisher at a discount.

Send a check or money order for $15
(includes shipping)
pay to/send to: Labor Action Committee To
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
PO Box 16222 • Oakland CA 94610

Author J Patrick O'Connor says Mumia was
framed at the hands of corrupt cops and
courts, who were bent on vengeance against
one of their most prominent critics.

"What makes getting to the truth of this case
so difficult is that the prosecution built its case
on perjured testimony with a calculated
disregard for what the actual evidence
established," says O'Connor (p. xii).

based on a thorough analysis of the 1982 trial
and the 1995-97 appeals hearings, as well as
previous writings on this case, and research
on the MOVE organization, with which Mumia
identifies, and the history of racist police
brutality in Philadelphia.  While leaving some
of the evidence of Mumia's innocence
unconsidered or disregarded, this book
nevertheless makes clear that there is a
veritable mountain of evidence--most of it
deliberately squashed by the courts--that
shows that Mumia was blatantly and
deliberately framed, that he is innocent, that
somebody else did the crime, and that corrupt
cops and courts have "fixed" this case against
Mumia from the beginning.

Upcoming Events with the Author

June 24th, New York City book signing party
with author J. Patrick O'Connor for 'The
Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal' at 6:00PM at the
Brecht Forum, 451 West Street (between Bank
and Bethune Streets).  Bring your questions
and be prepared for surprise guests!  For
more information, call the Hotline:  (212) 330

SF BAY AREA:  A book tour by the author is in
planning stages.  For more information, send
your request to: LACFreeMumia@aol.com

For an interview with the author and other
material about this book, visit Journalists For
Mumia, www.Abu-Jamal-News.com.  The
publisher is Chicago Review Press.  Get your
local bookstore or library to order a copy!

The Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia
PO Box 16222 • Oakland CA 94610 •
www.laboractionmumia.org •
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"From Deregulation to National
Guarantor: in a Blink!" by
Mumia Abu-Jamal
Friday, September 26, 2008 1:25 PM From: "Natty Reb"

What we are seeing in the midst of America's
financial crisis, is a crisis not so much of
confidence as it is of ideology, for the crisis
has its origins in an economic outlook that has
been ascendant for generations.  
   I speak of
the idea of deregulation, championed by former
President Ronald Reagan, who became symbolic of
the shrink-government movement.
 His reign marked the
coming of age of the so-called conservative movement,
built on principles (ostensibly, at least) of reductions in
government, expansion of 'free' markets, lower taxes, and
strengthened nationalism, usually by military means.     
Although this has been primarily a Republican agenda,
Democrats, like neo liberal President Bill Clinton, have
hewn closely to this formula -- hence his claim to be a
"new" kind of liberal.  At the heart of this philosophy has
been trust in 'the blind hand of the market', with a distaste
for the heavy hand of regulation.  As such, both of these
relatively recent incarnations of political parties have had a
deregulation bent, and depended on the market to set the
economic beat of the nation.  This has necessitated the
rise of a kind of political deception, explained by scholar
and Critical Resistance activist Ruth W. Gilmore as
"anti-state actors."  In the 2007 book, The Revolution Will
Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex
(Cambridge, MA: South End Press), Gilmore
notes:                 Strangely, then, we are faced with the
ascendance of anti-state state actors: people and parties
who gain state power by denouncing state power.  Once
they have achieved an elected or appointed position in
government they have to make what they do seem
transparently legitimate, and if budgets are any indication,
they spend a lot of money even as they claim they're
"shrinking government."  Prison, policing, courts, and the
military enjoy such legitimacy, and nowadays it seems to
many        observers as though there was never a time
things were     different.  {p.43}  Years of governance by
these "anti-state state actors" has seen the growth and
expansion of government by leaps and bounds.  The
prison-industrial-complex is now the largest on earth; while
the military has been engaged in dubious occupations
which closely resembles security services for the oil
industries.  And the market is about as 'free' as the U.S.
was during slavery.  As deregulation crumbles the state
emerges as the guarantor of corporate profits, where tax
dollars are used to replace sour business deals choking
with 'bad paper.'  While unemployment, foreclosures,
homelessness, and repression evokes little more than a
sneer, let the market feel failing stocks, or let banks
stumble, and the deregulators come running to save their
betters.  Need loans? Need a bailout?  Need a buyout?  
Nothing is too much for the well-to-do.     And your money
is necessary to protect them!     This is socialism, with a
wicked twist. --(c) '08 maj==================

The Power of Truth is Final -- Free Mumia!
Audio of most of Mumia's essays are at:
International Concerned Family & Friends of MAJ
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Philadelphia, PA 19143
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Mumia Abu-Jamal
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[Check out Mumia's latest: *WE WANT FREEDOM:
A Life in the Black Panther Party*, from South
End Press (http://www. southendpress. org); Ph.
#1-800-533-8478. ]

[Source: 'The Revolution Will Not Be Funded' was edited
by Incite! The Women Against Violence Project.]
Sponsored by the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM)
The Passing of the Papers"
by             Mumia Abu-Jamal

"nattyreb" <nattyreb@gmail.com>

For American newspapers, some that have been giants
for generations, this is the age of Ragnarok.  In Norse
mythology, Ragnarok marked the destruction of the
universe, when even the gods fell from their heaven.

For ages, newspapers have been the seedbeds of the
information garden.  Although seemingly threatened by
the new technologies of radio and TV, this proved more
appearance than actuality, for both mediums relied on the
data uncovered by intrepid, although little-know
newspaper reporters.

But we are now in the age of the Internet, a medium that
only one newspaper (the Wall St. Journal) has
successfully exploited.

That, added to lower circulation, and the flight of
advertisers to the 'net, has spelled doom for newspapers.

In recent days, both the San Francisco Chronicle and the
Philadelphia Inquirer have been forced to face the
dilemma of bankruptcy.

Just a week ago, the Rocky Mountain News of Denver,
Colorado closed its doors after a century and 1/2 of
operation.  As of Sept. 2006, the Rocky Mountain News
had a reported circulation of over 250,000.  But the key
isn't circulation, it's advertising -- and advertising is fleeing.

Indeed, about 2 years ago, a media research firm
executive said some papers didn't want bigger circulation
-- they wanted a smaller, but more wealthy circulation

Colby Atwood, head of  Borrell Associates, told a New
York Times reporter that a "quality circulation" is more
preferable  "than quantity", and it was a "rational business
decision" to "shed" the subscribers who cost more and
generate less revenue." *

When newspapers intentionally "shed" some subscribers
they are cutting their own throats in pursuit of fool's gold.

And although most articles don't mention it, I remain
convinced that newspapers are dying for quite another
reason.  In a time of war, when readers needed their
services most, many papers simply took a dive, and
served the interests of power, rather than the needs of
the people.  Most papers sold the president's line
because they feared that they would be seen as disloyal
in wartime, and lose subscribers.

Instead, they lost readers anyway, because people
couldn't believe what they read in black and white.

In fact, even before the Iraq war some news execs sent
memos to their staffs warning them NOT to show wire
photos of civilian casualties in the Afghanistan war.  One
memo told reporters to "play down" such stories.*

Is there any wonder that such a product is in decline?

[Sources: *Perez-Pena, Richard, "Why Big Newspapers
Applaud Some Declines in Circulation," New York Times,
Mon., Oct. 1, 2007, p. c1.:

*Johnson, Chalmers,   NEMESIS: The Last Days of the
American Empire (Metropolitan Books: New York, 2006),
Garvey's Voice
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