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All art work shown on the DuBMaN's page was created by the DuBMaN.
Rankin Media and the
Dubman at the
Bible Codes &
End of Time
The Dubman is one of under 15
people in the world that Reads the
Bible's Codes.

Bible Codes Decoded by Dubman:

1. His Angels
2. Death is in the movement of my Angels
3. To the Stargazer
4. Behold the UFO
5. The UFO not shall you fear
Dubman's Glass Art Gallery
Dubman Egyptian Art
Dubman's Glass Art Gallery Page 1
Welcome to Dubman's Glass Art Gallery. Painted
Glass, marble and Glass etching as works of color .
light and whimsy. Self Taught.  Plz Enjoy
(29 images, 12 comments)
Dubmans's Glass Art Page 2
Thank you for entering Dubman's page 2 of four. Feel
free to click on any image to enlarge.
(21 images)
Dubman Page 3
Dubman's Glass Art Page 4
Welcome again Dubman's Glass Art Gallery, a place
of light,color. Please enjoy and leave comments they
encourage me.  Thanks / Peace
(14 images, 2 comments)
Dubman's Glass Art  Page 5
Welcome to another page from the perspective of
The Dubman.  Live In Love
(10 images)
Dubman's Glass Art -The Aluminum Period
Works etched onto Aluminum Plates .
A slow challenging process requiring patience.
Enjoy - Plz Click to View larger image for greater
detail.  Thank you
(10 images)
The Aluminum Period
The Dubman
Tucker, Georgia
CBPM's 133rd Member

Glass Art
At Angelfire
Art Work
by the
The Dubman, Sister Virginia and Tony Rankin
The Dubman, CBPM Member #133, Joined the Ancestors on
December 24th, 2017. He was one of the in house DJ's at the
Culture Center (CBPM's Original Name) from 1996 to 1999. The
Culture Center was located at 361 Edgewood Avenue in
downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The Reggae Dub hypnotizing music
the Dubman played every Friday night at the Culture Center,
had all the Rappers and Mic Toasters firing off their lyrics on
the microphone. Dub music is the instrumental version of
Reggae songs. The Dubman was an instrumental force enabling
the begin of the CBPM in 1996 because his music drew brothers
and sisters from all over Atlanta, Georgia and beyond to the
Culture Center. We will miss you Dubman and thank you for all
the great Dub music you played every Friday night, because you
saw that it was your responsibility to our People. Jah Guide.