E Hoody the Voice Of
The World's Struggle
E Hoody the voice of the People of the
*Understanding for
Black People Struggle
*Hunger to do what it takes.
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Ehoody the voice of the People of the Struggle
Atlanta, Georgia
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E-Hoody 1st Video. Join E-Hoody, Ceo of Street Prophets Ent. Corp. On a Unbelievable journey inside the
underworlds & the understanding of what Strength is. Director Chuck_Yu captures a beautiful vision & vibe of
My Ambassador" E-Hoody's ruff Queenz vibe in downtown A-town, Jae Dada on the Beat, Guest Stars include
Family Ties, S.dot & Street Prophets captains Show n Prove & Knox, Cash Marie, Dj King Tiger and streetz of
the Atl....Ride out with 2010 Rising Icons as a tribute to Ha
iti, 9/11 & hurricane Katrina.

Spots in the video include the legendary Negril Caribbean on Auburn Ave. Much love to Malik Killiam, Outlaw Radeo7, Leeksqd,
Negril Caribbean, Rbg, Tupac Center, Paridox, Kadeem, Maya, Marilyn Solomon, Dx, Ali Brown, Dj Kev, hercules, Brandon,
Paul, Nas, Chantrelle, The Marley Family, Queenz, Ny, Ramello, Auntie Nisha, Uncle Ternce, Nickaloy, My Popz, CBPM, UNIA,
wrfg 89.3, Alicia Keys, Progress, STARLIFE, Ice, Rachel Soul, 231st Laurelton, Big Kev, Rudy, Dj Cassius Clay, Jason Pitts, Chi
the Great, Gator, rip Uncle Peter & Graqndma, Dana Sawyer, Danielle Haik, jessica Warner and everyone you know i love u all.

Jamaica, Florida, Georgia, Chicago, Ohio, NYc, Haiti, Africa and The Whole World. Thank You God and Many Blessings to
Hip-Hop!!!!!!!!!!! its THE STRENGTH!!!!!!!
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New Album Release November 2013