Groove 492
Hair Salon
Atlanta, Georgia
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A Natural Hair Groove
Groove 492 - Hair Salon
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Groove 492

Inside & Out
•  Natural Hair Care
•  Hair & Scalp Challenges
•  Textures & Types
•  Proper Product Selection
•  Proper Tool Selection
•  Convolution Curl & Coil
•  Ceramic Fusion “Healthy
Heat” Styling
•  Signature Color & Design
A Natural Hair Groove is a Signature Collection by Healthy
Hair Expert, Robin D. Groover.  This on-line experience
features “healthy hair” best practices for chemical-free
styling with proven products, techniques, textures, tools and

Enjoy the journey with RDG as she researches and develops new
and exciting solution-based hair care discoveries. Go natural and go
beyond the common hair care challenges and create beautiful,
healthy hair for Life! Our purpose is to share the information that
provides "The Truth about Healthy Natural Hair".

Natural Hair refers  to textures & types that have not been altered
by chemical changes. Natural Hair is more versatile with curly &
smooth styling options. Hair is 50% stronger in the natural state.
Natural hair is not necessarily healthy hair. Physical damage can
also cause hair challenges such as breakage and dryness.