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Coach Chin
Our Stars Incorporated
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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The People's Victory Garden has been
designed to inspire black people into action.  If
you are willing to settle for mediocrity, then this
is not the page for you. We need lightning bolts,
y'know people that are going to act and be a
force of nature to be reckoned with.

Here, we offer Locally Grown, Colorfully Sewn, Organic
Produce, Organic Gardening Workshops, Plots, Garden
Installations, Mulch, Woodchips, Compost, Topsoil,  and
much, much more, including Onsite and Local Organics Tour.

The People's Victory
-Organic Produce
-Educational Material
-Home/Business Garden
-Garden Maintenance
-Hand Tools
-Equipment Rental yoiu
OurStars Incorporated

-Youth Enrichment
-Youth Soccer Teams (Select/Recreational)
-Saturday Soccer Practice in the West End Park (Year Round)
-Indoor Soccer League (2009-2010 Season)
-Youth Health and Nutrition (Vegetarian)
-Healthy Snacks
-Rigorous Instruction
-Hip Hop Dance
-Healthy, Safe, Food Preparation (Vegetarian)
-All classes are taught from an African Centered perspective.
-Youth Entrepenuership
-Swimming/ Track/ Afrikan Martial Arts, Gymnastics
The People's Victory Garden is a
community based organization
that focuses on Sustainable
Living and Organic Farming.  

As we continue to expand our
acreage, we also continue
provide Atlanta's Historic West
End with Good Food. (Locally
Grown, Africentrically Sewn,
Grow Local, Grow Together!
Additionally, parents
may access the most
dynamic youth
enrichment programs
available, right here.