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Blessed Hands... Knitting / Crochet loyalty.
Irie I Fashions
Atlanta, Georgia
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Irie I Fashions Provides
Crochet Knitting, all colors all
sizes, Cotten, Yarn, Silk Yarn,
Wool Yarn 100%, short & long
skirts, Dresses, Pants, Tams,
Crowns, Scarfs, Bags, Backpacks
as well as Leg Warmers
Featuring Ethiopian style Design, Black
African Shashamanie Rastafari Roots Vibes
InI irie I Vibes of Fashion Styley. Iration
hands of Sarah, 42 years of the art of the
yarn. Irie I clothing line full of loyal timing,
love, and love blessed babys.
Crochet is my passion through out this
generation. All hands on knitting and crocheting
skirts, long or short, dresses, pants, tams,
crowns with bib or with out, bags, back packs,
leg warmers, scarfs, baby blankets, curtins,
footies, and bed spreads all sizes.
*All Colors *All Sizes  *For all the Nations  
*Blessed Hand - Hands of Sarah, Mother of Zion I
Irie Fashion...  

Order on line at
www.cbpm org/irieifashions