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Articles from Kwasi Anan Kumasi
Modern Day Slavery
Kwasi Anan Kumasi

Does slavery still exist?  Of course it
does, right here in America.
“On Dec. 31st, 2005 there were
2,193,798 people in u.s. prisons and
jails. The united states incarcerates a
greater share of its population, 737,
per 100,000 residents, than any other
country on the planet. “ A break  down
of the statistics will show that
incarceration is not an equal
opportunity punishment.

U.S. incarceration rates by race:
June 30, 2006:
Whites: 409 per 100,000
Latinos: 1,038 per 100,000
Blacks: 2,468 per 100,000
Males by race:
Whites males: 736 per 100,000
Latino males: 1,862 per 100,000
Black males: 4,789 per 100,000, 4,053
more than whites

Black males ages 25-29: 11,695 per
100,000(That’s 11.7% of Black men in their
late 20s
As a former imprisoned, enslaved Black
man, I experienced this first hand. My two
sons are experiencing the same as I write
This form of slavery isn’t much different from
days of old. The men are taken away from
their women,  in some cases families are
completely destroyed. The children are not
sold, but are often split apart, being  placed
in homes. The women are taken by the
master , WELFARE.
They are left to fend for
themselves, often ending up in prisons
themselves. And quite often get adapted to
remaining by themselves because it is often
easier than loving a man with so much against
him. The man himself is taken to the Massa,
stripped naked, degraded, de-humanized.
Locked up, in many cases, in a cage 23 of the
24 hours a day for refusal to slave, or even
something as trivial as not shaving. Myself, as a
dreadlock wearing Black man, refusal to cut
them would guarantee me a stay in solitary
confinement for the duration of my sentence.
Only in federal prison can a man who has made
a vow not to cut his locs, keep it. There are a lot,
a lot, Uhmm,  lots of my brothers and sisters in
the feds. Another form of slavery got us there,
we’ll discuss that in a minute. Mothers and
fathers, sons and daughters, wives and babies-
ingmommas, siblings, grandparents all torn apart
by this racial injustice. Like being sold across the
country, sometimes there is so much distance
between incarcerated members of the family and
home that visits are often impossible. I know of
an instance of a grandmother not being able to
visit an hour and a half away, do to her health. I
could hear her suffering over the phone. I know
of a mother who is torn apart over her sons
incarceration, distance from her, and the fact
that she holds her now ex-husband responsible.
An ex-husband torn from the loss of  family and
the condemnation that perhaps it is his fault for
letting the modern form of slavery get a hold of
not one but both of my sons. Perhaps I could
have sheltered them from the storm of bondage
slavery in America. Just maybe if I had said no to
another  form of slavery…
The dope game, better known as Americas WAR
ON DRUGS, Even better known by the
enlightened, As the WAR ON BLACKS in
“Most drug offenders are white. Five times as
many whites use drugs as Blacks. Yet Blacks
comprise the great majority of drug offenders
sent to prison. The solution to this racial inequity
is not to incarcerate more whites, but to reduce
the use of prison for low-level drug offenders
and to increase the availability of substance
abuse treatment.”(source: Human Rights Watch,
“Racial Disparities in the War on Drugs”,
Washington, DC: Human Rights Watch, 200).
Maybe if I had been strong enough to resist
making money off of the suffering of mainly, my
people, my community. But the unconscious don’
t think that way. The unconscious can’t get past
the “making more money than I can on a job
mentality”. We can’t think past the minimum
wage that most of us will be forced to work for.
We can’t get past the fact that , now minimum
wage wouldn’t be so bad if everything wasn’t so
expensive and, oh yeah, it’s not easy to get that
job now that we have this huge spot on our
application. We had to fill in that slot that asks;
have you ever been convicted of a felony?
Some employers will be up front about not hiring
you. Some just file it, in the trash. So you see,
once you’re locked away from society, those
walls follow you to the “free world”. How can you
teach your youth to stay out of the game when
they’ve witnessed you excel in it. Because you
fell, got trapped, no they think they can play the
game better than you did. So I ask again, could I
have stopped them? Could I have saved my
sons? They had a lot more to contend with than
just me.
“Because of their extraordinary rate of
incarceration, one in every 20 black men over
the age of 18 is in a state or federal prison,
compared to one in every 180 whites.” In five
states, between one in 13 and one in 14 Black
men are in prison.(Human Rights Watch, 2000).
I wasn’t thinking that my family just wanted for
me to be at home with them, instead of, first the
streets then prison. They would rather do
without things than me, you think? Or were they
already victims?
Commercial enslavement is perhaps the cruelest
form of slavery today. Wanting to be like the
Joneses, is probably the most crippling factor
towards our race. We all strive to accumulate
objects of our desire, material consumption is
killing our race. WE sell drugs, our women ,our
children, we do whatever it takes even working
ourselves to death. Even working two and three
jobs is not sufficient, if enough money is made
then we just perpetuate the myth that we can
only be happy if you have , and the need to do
whatever it takes to have. After all if you have to
work all the time, haven’t you just neglected your
youth, you do not have the time to raise them. Is
it better to neglect them while in the home or out
of it? Neither is sufficient, so what to do? Many
black men and women for that matter face this
dilemma on a daily basis. Enslaved by
commercialism, is almost like being enslaved by
Willie Lynch. Later for that though.   Still think
slavery is over?    WAKE UP!!                      
PEACE AND BLESSINGS                   Kwasi
Africans in America
ARE We Merely Pawns In This Society?

We as Africans brought to the America’s, have been pitted against one
another every since our ancestors were brought unwillingly, to this side of
the Atlantic.
In the days of enslavement, Africans were manipulated against each other by
the use of a plan instituted by a white man named Willie Lynch, a man whose
very name became synonymous with hanging. This white man was invited to
America to give a speech on how to control the enslaved. He had a master
plan to make and keep those in slavery docile and hating each other over
such things as the different complexions of our skin, nose size and other,
seemingly to me, trivial things such as hair type. He was very adept at
making one African man or woman, feel superior or inferior to other Africans.
He along with those who perpetrated the implementation of this plan pawned
the people. You don’t believe me? Google “the Willie Lynch letters” then go
to “the making of a slave”.
That was the start of our self-hatred, which allowed the whites to use certain of us against
the others. Since the time of the rebellions of an enslaved people, there have been
persons of our race, who turn against the race to ensure their own well being not even
considering the well being of the people. Our greatest enemy is fear, distrust, and being
envious. These things allowed infiltrators to penetrate the minds of our African ancestors,
which allowed the oppressors to manipulate them to keep themselves in slavery. As one
nation of undivided Africans knowing their place and who they were, would not have
remained in captivity. Give thanks to those ancestors who did not become docile, and
fought slavery with every breath taken.

These are a few lines from the letter:
STATUS on plantations, ATTITUDE of owners, whether the slaves live in the valley, on a hill,
East, West, North, South, have fine hair, course hair, or is tall or short. Now that you have a list of
differences, I shall give you an outline of action, but before that, I shall assure you that
OR ADMIRATION. The Black slaves after receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will
become self refueling and self generating for HUNDREDS of years, maybe THOUSANDS.
Manipulated, used, abused, pawned.
What about after the illusion of freedom? You know, after Lincoln “emancipated” us or my word
emanci-gated us, by opening the gates of slavery only to keep us on a leash of slavery.
The KLU Klux Klan was founded in 1865 by veterans of the confederate army in the southern
state of Tennessee. Its purpose was to restore white supremacy. Intimidation  (fear), assault, and
murder, where the tools used to “keep the newly freed Africans in line”. This domestic terrorist
organization reigned terror across the south to the extent of a further docility. The fear of losing
lives became heightened because of the knowledge that the value of the freed slave was much
less than that of the enslaved.
Note; check out the feet under the robes, they have unity why not we?
This fear and intimidation caused certain individuals to divulge information that would most likely
get another killed. Or on a daily basis keep the Africans from forming the unity structure to
overcome their oppressive state.
Fear is a powerful oppressor it will stop progress in its tracks, but what happens when fear is not
Forward to the sixties, the Equal Rights Movement, and into the present, instead of a Willie
Lynch and an organization of enslavers, and the KKK, the government steps in with
COINTELPRO was the US governments’ network of spies, infiltrators trained and used to get
inside and destroy organizations such as the Black Panther Party for Self-defense and MOVE.
They infiltrated the organizations of Dr. King and Malcolm X, culminating in their deaths. It was
COINTELPROs’ mission to undermine any positive, intellectual leader or movement within the
Black community. They used their Black traitors to cause discord amongst the individuals of
these movements, that which if successful would have advanced our people far beyond the
status that we hold today.
The actions of COINTELPRO were not only aimed at these ground breaking organizations, they
were also aimed at individuals like Tupac and Biggie. Individuals whom through their music and
friendship held in their hands the ability to unite east coast and west coast youth, who would
posses tremendous power once enlightened. A force the US government could not afford to
flourish. You see, because they know there is power in numbers. They have also studied and
continue to study the scenarios of a united Africa in this land and abroad and will do whatever it
takes to inhibit the trust between Africans in America. Not to mention an alliance, a reconnection
of Africans worldwide.
Don’t forget the so called war on drugs, the war on terror. We continue to be lied to, exploited,
and pitted as animals against one another.
It’s time people to stop being pawned. Uncover your eyes and open our minds to the natural
connections between Africans no matter what physical place we happen to be in. The
connections that the fear of loss of jobs, incarceration, or even death; the distrust that we have
towards fellow Africans; the envy that we have been conditioned to have can not continue to
deter us from uniting. We must rise above the individual differences, petty jealousies, and the
need to be more and have more individually so that we can Be MORE and HAVE MORE
Can you imagine Africans from all walks of life working together in a collective, aiming for the
common good of the whole race? The street soldiers, revolutionaries, churches, neighborhoods,
Black empowerment and improvement organizations, Black colleges, entertainers and sports
stars striving together physically, financially, and mentally to bring about a complete change
Then we can stop being pawns.

(Additional Note: = "Henty Berry, speaking in the Virginia House of Delegates in 1832, described
the situation as it existed in many parts of the South at this time: "We have, as far as possible,
closed every avenue by which light may enter their (the slaves) minds. If we could extinguish the
capacity to see the light, our work would be complete; they would then be on a level with the
beasts of the field and we should be safe. I am not certain that we would not do it, if we could
find out the process and that the plea of necessity." From Brown America, the story of a “ New
Race” by Edwin R. Embree. 1931 The Viking Press.

                                                                        Kwasi Anan