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Cara Clayton
To Learning
Orlando, Florida
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Note: The information shared and methods used through our tutoring
program are tailored to align with the Common Core Standards
curriculum that is being adopted in your state.  More information
about English Language Arts Standards can be found at: . To learn more
about Math Standards, visit .
At LaunchPad To Learning
Foundation, we make education and
empowerment a personal experience
by working together to turn every
struggle into a success.
Specializing in:
Tutoring, tutor, mentoring, mentor, life
coaching, life coach, enrichment, student
goal at LaunchPad To Learning Foundation is to
create a love for life and learning by making
education a personalized experience; with the
right help, challenges in school and life do not
have to remain challenging. As a non-profit, we
provide service to students in need of our
services, regardless of financial status. By
customizing our tutoring and enrichment services
according to who the student is and what that
student knows, our created plans turn life and
each school subject into a favorite school subject.
Our Services:
Our services include academic and personal life
coaching, tutoring, and mentoring.
What is Academic Life Coaching?

Academic Life Coaching works with students to increase their
emotional intelligence skills; study skills; life skills for personal
awareness and well-being as an adolescent; leadership skills; and
communication skills.
Which Subjects Do We Offer Tutoring?

Reading: comprehension, analysis
Writing, editing, proofreading
Social Sciences
Mathematics: elementary school and middle school
ACT Reading, Writing, Math
Study skills: organization, self-management,  learning ownership, time
management, communication, self-awareness, persistence,
goal-setting, strategic reading, time management, research,