Hotep Reparations Family,
As we continue our Renewed Push to Enact HR 40, we
call on your continued assistance.  HR 40 ¬ “ The
Commission to Study Reparation Proposals For African
Americans Act is originating out of the House of
Representatives, authored and introduced by Cong. John
Conyers, D-Mich. With the passage of this bill in the
House of Representatives , we would still be only half the
way there. There has to be a similar/companion bill in the
Senate. On the heels of the US Senate Apology for
Slavery and Jim Crow Segregation, now is the time to
pursue that Senate bill.
At the same time that we expend our energy  to pass HR 40, we can
and should also be pushing the passage of a Senate version. To do
that, we need a progressive Senator with conviction to author and
introduce this bill to the Senate. NCOBRA is targeting Senator
Roland Burris, D.- IL . A proponent of reparations, an Afro-
descendant, and a man of conviction, we say Sen. Burris author a
Companion bill to HR 40 now.  Join us in this campaign by signing
the petition.

Pamoja Tutashinde “ Together We Will Win"
Reparations Now Update:

I hope that you have been to the "Unity 4 Power" website
( to view the blueprint presentation and
10-10-50 video. Remember, we each committed to
educate ourselves to the systems that are working for our
best interest.

That means we should each also should do an internet
search for the
HR40 bill, the Senate "Apology" for
lynching, the House "Apology" for Slavery & JimCrow and
the Senate "Apology" for Slavery & JimCrow. We each
should also add those documents to our Personal Family

We should also share those documents with our children and
kinfolks in order to educate them to our struggle for Environmental
and Social Justice. Please educate your kinfolks to the 40,000 for
HR40 Campaign, the Insufficient Redress Campaign and the United
Voices 4 Reparations Campaign. Teach them ways that they can be
a part of this phase of Ourstory making process and the ultimate
benefits of Functional/Operational Unity for Afrikan People.

Brothers and Sisters, get your people excited about being Afrikan without
the hyphen and without the hype, Dada Tracy Viergela Pierre said. "Make
sure that they know about Queen Mother Moore, Baba Imari Obadele and
Reparations Jay."

Ask them to get a copy of the Reparations Mix CD(draft 1) to listen to it
and have a family discussion about it. Invite them to view the Black Candle
with you for education and discussion.

And most importantly, lets get our children educated and involved in this
struggle for the recovery of losses and liable and punitive damages for the
injuries sustained by Afrikan People through all five of the injury areas
identified by N'COBRA.

Finally, make every effort to join me in New Orleans June 25-27, 2010
for the
National N'COBRA Conference.

Check out for details or call me (601.957.2969). Also,
look for an announcement about a Southeast Regional Conference Call
as a follow-up to our Southeast Regional Convention.

May you know Raha, Anasa, & Makadara (Peace, Prosperity, &
God-Power) through shared love with Afrikan People.

from your Brotha A. Lukata Chikuyu, SE Regional Rep
Habari za jinoi
Evening Greetings Afrikans (& others)

Thank you for your thoughts related to the gates
essay.  Now that we have exalted the negative
impact of this nonsense, please flip it.  For every hour
we spent on this negative discussion, we should
spent three hours addressing solutions to the issues
brought forward.

Solution Kazi (Work):
#1 - COLLECTIVE! Push HR 40

#2 -
EACH ONE TEACH ONE! the real about
the Reparations Movement and the collective
effort needed to bring Reparations to fruition, (if
only intern-Reparations).

#3 -
Base-group because "Freedom Is A Continuos
Struggle" (everyone should read this book).
Even after us get our "just due", the snakes will
still be in the grass
(and all of them won't be white).
if we don't join N'COBRA, join somebody
working proactively and progressively for the
upliftment and advancement of Afrikan People
and encourage your family to get involved!
Teach your children - " Blackness has been a stigma,
a curse with which we were born. Black Power
means that henceforth this curse will be a badge of
pride rather than of scorn." Robert S. Brown -

Brotha Lukata

Jackson-MS Chapter of N'COBRA
African People
"Pulling Together to Repair Ourselves"
601.957.2969 or 601.982.0861
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"Power concedes nothing
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Fredrick Douglass

Black consciousness is
back; radical Black thought
is back. Focused Black
action is back. Black is Back!
HR40 Bill
the Senate "Apology" for
lynching, the House "Apology"
for Slavery & JimCrow
As We continue to build the Reparations Movement, We must
not forget to reconnect with one another.  the best
for N'COBRA Members to reconnect has always been the
Conference will be in Miami Florida June 23-26, 2016.
in the meantime, please add you name to these Reparations
Petitions as Reparations Advocates & N'COBRA MEMBERS

Finally, for now, if you are planning to attend the 2016 National
Conference will be in Miami Florida June 23 -26, 2016, please
reconnect with me, especially if you are in the Southeast Region -
mississippi, alabama, georgia, florida, south carolina, north carolina,
or virginia,
Your Region Rep
Baba Asinia Lukata Chikuyu
Jackson-MS Chapter of N'COBRA
African People
"Pulling Together to Repair Ourselves"
601.957.2969 or 601.982.0861
"No other people should
have more information on
Black People, than the
information that Black
People have on ourselves"
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