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Diversely Unique Greeting Cards
Okpara  H. Nosakhere
752 NW 40th Terrace
Kansas City, MO  64116
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OHN Designs
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Knowledge is the growth and exchange of
information committed to all levels of
understanding.  Our first stationary line
encourages a personal writing touch from you to
your family, friends and neighbors. Let us become
a partner in building relationships and celebrating
your community.  
Our greeting card business supports African
American children by raising money for them
to attend college.  Would you like to help by
purchasing cards for fund raising efforts.  
Stationary Card
Size - Vertical: 5" x 7"
Size - Horizontal: 7" x 5"

Ultra-heavyweight (120#) card stock with a gloss finish. Printed with a unique process that imparts a rich depth of
imagery. Each card comes with an envelope at the wholesale price of $1.00 per card (retails between $2.00 and $4.00).

Minimum purchase of 100 cards.

* You may also be interested in specialty cards. You provide the picture and we will design the card.

Price: $2.50 per card, minimum of 100 cards.

Shrink Rap package for orders of 10 or more.
Item                                                                      Price                                            

“My Sweetie”                                                     $12.00 per dozen    

“Free and at Peace”                                          $12.00 per dozen  

“Dream Garden”                                                $12.00 per dozen  

“Jazz boy” (on cover)                                         $12.00 per dozen  

“One Step At A Time”                                         $12.00 per dozen

“Cleansing at the Sea”                                       $12.00 per dozen  

“Market Day”                                                      $12.00 per dozen

“Aisha”                                                               $12.00 per dozen

“Spirits of the Massai”                                        $12.00 per dozen

“Washing at the River”                                       $12.00 per dozen

“Love”                                                                 $12.00 per dozen

“Sophisticated Lady’s”                                       $12.00 per dozen

“Baby Face”                                                        $12.00 per dozen

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Kwanzaa, Christmas and Holiday Cards
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OHN Designs
708 NW 40th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 61446
(816) 454-7507

Stationary Card
Size - Vertical: 5" x 7"
Size - Horizontal: 7" x 5"