A True Story
Afrikan history is my history
A true story

It dates black to the start of time
Here to stay never to decline

From the days when we lived on the banks of the Nile
Man, Woman, and Child
We lived in peace, harmony, and love
All our problems solved by the ancestors above

We built great empires, lived like kings and queens
Our civilization much more advanced than any ever seen
Then came outsiders with their bible and gun

This was the start of destruction the end of fun
They said for our labor we would receive gold

Our kings brought their story and we were sold
Taken away in bondage to a strange land
For reasons just so hard to overstand
The slave master taught us he was superior
Because of our skin color we were inferior
So for four-hundred years we labor for free
We build America in a world power as you can see
In return we were placed and trapped in poverty
Which is just an extension of slavery

But through rebellion and the human rights movement
Men like Garvey, Turner, Malcolm, and King
Sacrificed their lives to teach us a few things
Freedom is a must for all of us
So join in hand with your brotherman
Don't fuss, don't fight each other
Always give much respect to Afrika our mother!

By Ras Reddie


I am not a threat, America, just because I am
Your prejudgmentyou then assume I am a thug
smoking or selling crack
I am not a threat just because I wear baggy
Locks in my hair, earrings in my ears and nose

I am not a threat, America, because of my
swagger or my style
Bling that I wearyou will see the gold and silver
when I smile
I am not a threat: I am human, first, like you
Please address me with respect, especially my
race and skin color too

I am not a threat, America, just because I am
walking down the street
You are watching me from your patrol car
seeing the friends that I will meet
I am not a threat, America, just because I am
not in school every day
I feel and fear you are the predator, and I am
your target and prey

I am not a threat, America, just because I love
to pimp my ride
I am very artistic and also stylishthis is my
freedom and my pride
I am not a threat just because I wear colors
similar to a gang
I am just particular about my clothesthis is my
own thang

I am not a threat, America: I am complying to
your commands
I am a law abiding citizen and should have
Constitutional rights in this land
In church, I raise my hands to God in praise to
my Maker who saves
In the streets, I raise my hands to cops: those
who may send me to my grave

I am not a threat, America: remember our
ancestors helped build this great country
too          You destroyed our history with your
hate and with your injustice, gained much
You separated our families in slavery as you
sold them on the auction block
Willie Lynch, Jim Crow concepts, and
lawsblack people were seen and treated like

I am not a threat, America, yet I ponder to
question my birth
Afro-Americans still wondering today, Are we
blessed or have we been cursed?
We are legal citizens in this country, majority
obey the law day and night
Americas system is so unfair with double
standards, but black people will continue to fight


Prejudice and hate reside in the mind and
heart of a person; it reveals itself outwardly or
inwardly with visible and invisible actionsso do
truth, love, and understanding.

By Roy H. Howard, Jr.,
Relationship Diversity Program
Heaven On Earth
Heaven on earth
That's what life is all about
Don't wait until you die
No heaven in the sky
Don't be fooled or tricked
Only a few end up rich

Life is endless for those with a living soul
Still in harmony with the orginal mold
Be wise as a serpent yet meek as a dove
Eradicate hate and practice love
Heaven on earth
That's what life is all about
The hereafter are the babes and sucklings
So make sure you give the youths the right teachings
Don't wait until you die
No heaven in the sky
. Heaven in the sky
Nothing but a white lie!

By Ras Reddie
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Minnie Carey, started her
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of  her Africa People in
America in 1995. Since then
she has been around the
world speaking on the
injustice shown to Africa
People here in this country.
She has written books,
been given Awards base on
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'Kiss Mi Neck' - Jamaican poetry to the world, from the
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The Legacy of an
Extraordinary Woman
By: Omarr Lee

From the breath of my lungs,
To the depths of my soul,
On this day,
We celebrate the life,
Of a great woman, therefore
Poetry is told;
During her time on earth,
Her courage gave light,
To very dark days,
She chose to travel and preach, and
This was inspiring,
In so many remarkable ways,
Because of her strong-will, and
Outspoken temperament,
Her legacy will live forever,
Always believe that you can achieve;
Always think before you do; and
Always wish upon a star, because
That star could take you to a phenomenal height,
As a poet writes,
A phenomenal verse,
A phenomenal phrase,
For a (simply) phenomenal woman named,
Sojourner Truth.
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